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What are the hazards of high jaundice?Do not treat in time, or cause intelligence disorders

When most babies are born, they need to face the first problem, that is, the jaundice value is high. If adults have high jaundice value, there is no need to worry too much, because adults’ physical development and immunity are better. However, the newborn baby has a high jaundice value, which can easily cause problems in the body, and there may be pathological diseases. The body’s jaundice is not effective, and there is a lot of impact on the baby. So what is the harm of high jaundice?

One of the hazards of high jaundice: intellectual disorder

When the newborn baby suffers from jaundice, if it is not treated in time, it will affect the baby’s brain nerves and cause the baby to have the problem of intellectual obstacles. This kind of jaundice is very serious. Once intellectual obstacles occur, the baby’s growth path will increase a lot of dangers and obstacles. Therefore, when jaundice value is high, go to the hospital for treatment in time.

Harm of high jaundice: Insufficient enamel development

The problem of high jaundice is on the abnormal bilirubin. If the bilirubin increases for a long time, it will suffer from a bilirubin encephalopathy. This disease will affect the baby’s brain nerves and also cause a lot of nerves to develop a lot of nerves. Sequelance, such as enamel, cannot develop completely, is caused by abnormal bilirubin.

The harm of high jaundice: abnormal hearing

The hearing abnormalities and intellectual disorders are also a serious problem. If the baby has no hearing, it will not be able to perceive all the voices in the world. This is also the pathological symptoms of jaundice. For babies, any pathological symptoms are fatal and dangerous, so parents cannot ignore the phenomenon of high jaundice.

Now do you know what is the harm of high jaundice? Not only the newborn babies but also have high jaundice. When an adult’s liver is abnormal, there will be symptoms of high jaundice. When the liver of adults is abnormal, the value of jaundice will be much higher, and it is easy to be found during medical examinations, so adults are important to insist on physical examinations every year.


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