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What are the hidden dangers of the elderly using a massage device

The wish of “donating love for parents’ health and longevity” makes the health care massage market popular. A salesman told reporters that the electronic massage device is “appropriate”, which may have side effects as well as oral products, so there are many young people who buy for elders.

Is the massager really as safe as the salesman said?

Experts believe that the situation is not exactly the case. He told reporters that once the massage device is not used properly, it will aggravate or induce diseases. Middle -aged and elderly people must not rely too much on it, let alone use it as a means of treatment.

Generally, electronic massagers are stimulating to stimulate the human body with high -frequency mechanical vibration. Depending on the principle of vibration, electronic massagers can be divided into two types: electromagnetic and electric. Due to the high frequency of vibration and weak vibration, the electric massage device is more suitable for health massage and middle -aged and elderly people. Due to the slow vibration frequency of electromagnetic massage, the vibration strength is relatively suitable for exercise massage and middle -aged and middle -aged people. Use.

Experts said that patients who are currently injured or aggravated due to improper use of various massage equipment are common.

One of the elderly he had treated, because of the use of a massage, acute inflammation caused by the lumbar spine, pressed the sciatic nerves, which caused paralysis of the lower limb. He also encountered some patients, and spine disease was only in the hidden period. However, due to the stimulus of the hard objects of the hard objects on the massage device, soft tissue inflammation and spinal joint misalignment occurred. Essence shock! List the hidden dangers of the disorderly using the massage device

Experts remind the elderly that if a joint or tendon part of the body is in the period of acute inflammation of “redness and swelling and pain”, you must not massage blindly, otherwise inflammation will be intensified, and osteositis will cause osteositis. If you grow a tumor or tumor, you should not use an electronic massager. Because of the stimulation of the body surface, the capillaries will expand, the local blood flow increases, which can easily lead to the spread of the lesion and may aggravate the disease.

If there is fracture and joint dislocation, an electronic massage device cannot be used early, because when the fracture or the joints are damaged, the bone displacement will be caused due to the effect of muscle tension. Not conducive to recovery. Patients with skin diseases, infectious diseases, lymphitis, and blood diseases must be used with caution. Patients with high blood pressure and anemia should pay special attention to not massage at the neck arteries to avoid acceleration of blood flow and accidents.

In addition, the electronic massage device must be prohibited when the elderly, full, drunk, and strenuous exercise, otherwise the blood flow rate will be further accelerated. The smooth and smoothing muscles of the stomach will be enhanced, which can easily cause disgusting, vomiting, chest tightness, and breath. The time for the first time the elderly should use the massage device should not be too long. It is best to try 10-15 minutes first, and it can gradually increase to half an hour later.

(Editor in charge: Teng Xiaolan)

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