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What are the inspection items needed for dementia?

The so -called Alzheimer’s disease, also known as Alzheimer ‘S Disease (AD), is a primary degenerative encephalopathy that occurs in the elderly and early periods. What examinations do they need to do with dementia?

The elderly obscure refers to a dysfunction of persistent advanced neurological functional activity, that is, in the state of not conscious disorder, memory, thinking, analysis and judgment, visual space recognition, emotional obstacles and other obstacles.

Its characteristic pathological changes are atrophy of the cerebral cortex and are accompanied by β-amyloid (β-AP) deposition, neurofibrillarly tangles (NFT), a large number of memory neurons, and a reduction of the number of memory neurons, and The formation of Senileplaque (SP). There are currently no treatment drugs for treatment or reversal of the progress of the disease. It is also one of the four common neurodegenerative diseases (the other three are Hentington’s disease, Luja Lei, and Parkinson’s disease).

1. Most of the laboratory inspections have changed significantly.

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2. EEG shows that the non -specific slow waves are performed. The cerebral blood flow icon, the local cerebral blood flow of the cerebral cortex decreases the metabolic rate of cerebral oxygen.

3. CT scan or MRI often shows different degrees of brain chambers and cortex atrophy, and the trench becomes wider.

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