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What are the liver cirrhosis inspection items

Hepatitis cirrhosis is the result of the lesions that cause liver fibrosis after damage to various chronic hepatitis. If various hepatitis does not get early treatment, the ending period will be converted into cirrhosis. There may be some special ones during inspection. Symptoms can only attract the attention of patients. So what items are included in liver hardening examination, and how to do it to reduce the damage of liver sclerosis.

Hepatitis tests include: liver function examination, liver B -ultrasound examination, liver fiber examination, pathogenic examination, etc. The result of each examination is an important basis for doctors to determine the treatment plan. Liver function tests include methyl protein, croaraminase, and glutamyl rigidase, etc., and you can understand the disease of patients with liver sclerosis through liver hardening examination. Liver B -ultrasound examination is to evaluate the degree of liver cirrhosis, and it is a comprehensive consideration project with liver function test. B -ultrasound is an important test method for early discovery of liver cirrhosis. The four tests of liver fiber are mainly for those patients with early liver cirrhosis to avoid the development of liver fibrosis into liver cirrhosis. The indicators of this test mainly include: hyaluronic acid, laminar adhesive, IV collagen … when these detection values ​​exceed the standard standard Later, it means that the patient’s liver fibrosis process has been serious, and it has marked that the cirrhosis is began quietly. The pathogenic academic examination is mainly reflected in the five hepatitis B tests. The antigen -positive on the surface of hepatitis B is an important symbol of the hepatitis B virus carrier.

After understanding the liver sclerosis examination project, let’s take a look at the symptoms of patients with liver sclerosis?

Patients with cirrhosis often have symptoms such as decreased appetite, weight loss, and physical fatigue. This is the main symptom and similar to other diseases. Therefore, it is easy to be ignored when these symptoms occur. Regardless of the abnormal performance of the body, it is recommended that everyone should seek medical treatment in time and check. Whether there is a disease or not, at least you can buy it. There are no ten thousand in case, and the incubation period of many diseases is relatively long, and it is difficult to find if it is not passed.

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