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What are the manifestations of acute cervicitis

Patients with acute cervicitis will cause leucorrhea and lower abdomen pain.Patients with severe condition will cause urgency and difficulty in urination.Most patients also cause cervical congestion and edema.

The symptoms of acute cervicitis are as follows: 1. The most obvious symptoms of acute cervicitis are leucorrhea, yellow and purulent, and can be accompanied by lower abdominal pain, lumbosacral soreness, or bladder stimulation symptoms, such as frequent urination and urgency.During gynecological examinations, there are many purulent secretions in the vagina; cervical congestion and edema, cervical tubular velvet, purulent secretions flow out of the cervix, and cervical tenderness.2. Gonococcal cervicitis and chlamydia chlamydia mainly attack the cervical mucosal glandular epithelium, and can also spread directly to the upper reproductive tract mucosa.Under normal circumstances, the purulent tissue penetrates into the cervix and spreads upwards along the cervical lymphatic vessels on both sides, causing pelvic connective tissue to inflammation, lower abdominal pain, low back pain, sexual pain, or urinary tract stimulation, and the body temperature rises slightly.3. If the infection spreads outward along the cervical lymphatic vessels to the lymphatic vessels, it will also cause the cervical epithelium to fall off. In severe cases, ulcers will be formed, which will occur at the same time as vaginitis, which will cause acute endometritis.Through gynecological examinations, you can see cervical redness and edema, and the cervical mucosa can be reversed.Pain’s purulent secretions will flow out of the cervix.

Women with acute cervicitis cannot be sex during treatment and rehabilitation.Usually you need to pay more attention to hygiene. Wash the vulva every night, change your underwear frequently, and try to wear cotton -breathable underwear.Usually you also need to pay more attention to your diet, try not to eat spicy and irritating food, eat more light digestion, protein and vitamin foods, which can enhance your own resistance and help the disease recovery.After acute cervicitis, treatment needs to be treated under the guidance of a doctor, and long -term treatment is needed to avoid the existence of chronic inflammation.If the patient’s symptoms are severe, you should treat acute cervicitis in a timely manner.

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