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What are the methods for breast enhancement?What can I eat for breast enhancement?

Although summer has passed, there is no low -cut dressing, does it not need big breasts? Of course not, no matter which season or which time, “airport” is always ignored. So, in addition to surgery, what other methods can make the chest grow slowly?

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1. The best time to grasp breast enhancement

If you want to make your chest full and strong, you must grasp the cycle of female hormonal secretion. Women’s hormonal time is the most vigorous period is the physiological period, and the use of this cycle to achieve breast enhancement effect.

Generally speaking, the 11th to 13th day after the physiological period is before ovulation, and the two periods of the 18th to 23rd days are the best time after ovulation, because the estrogen and hormones are secreted more at this time. The body has a greater influence. As long as you can ingest nutritional breast enhancement food during this period, it is not difficult to increase the size of the chest.

2. Massage makes the chest shape look better

In addition, deep massage for the chest can also stimulate deep skin tissue, stimulate the fibrous cells in the skin, effectively improve chest relaxation, and is particularly helpful for breast enhancement. You can apply an appropriate amount of specialty for the chest before going to bed every night, surround your chest with both hands, and gently push from the outside to the inside. Then use the fingertips to push up from the chest, and the position of the upper chest and neck. Repeat several times to make the chest shape tighter and beautiful.

3. Strengthen chest exercise

You can try to perform some aerobic exercises to change your body. This sporty exercise is specifically for chest development. Doing more can improve the shape of your chest.

Preparatory movement: Both feet are slightly wider than the shoulders, standing with chest and abdomen standing in a standing posture. Both arms are drooping.

Operation method: The elbows are flexed on the chest, parallel to the ground, and the palms are down. Plays the arms on both sides to make the chest fully expand. Inhale when expanding your chest, exhale when you flex your arms.

4. Choose the right breast enhancement food

Soy products: The knowledge of drinking soy milk for breast enhancement has now been well known. Because soybeans are not only rich in protein, but also have unique plant estrogen. This hormone can promote the secretion of hormones in the body, make breast development more complete, and engage in the purpose of achieving a larger and tall chest.

Green papaya: Modern science proves that green papaya is rich in papaya alcohol and vitamin A, which can promote the secretion of hormones in women’s body and then make the chest larger.

Pueraria: You can cook the wild Pueraria in the water and drink its soup. Or steamed Pueraria and peel it. The role of Pueraria is that it contains a substance that has a guided effect on body fat. This substance allows the fat in the body to gather to the breast. Pueraria is a must for breast enhancement for those beautiful eyebrows that lose weight and are afraid of lowering breasts.

Wine brewing products: The content of yeast in wine brewing products is relatively high, which can promote breast development and intestinal health.

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