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What are the most taboo questions for women to ask?Pay attention to 5 points to talk to people

Recently, there have been several most taboo problems for girls on Weibo. Men can remember. Do not touch these minefields:

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Are you makeup?

The color of your face is different from the neck

Are you here …

Whoops! Do you get your eyebrows? Clawed lipstick?

Are you posted double eyelids?

Should you wash your hair?

How heavy do you?

You seem to be a little fat!

Is that just not asking these questions, it won’t make girls angry? Of course not, this is just part of it, not what women taboo. Therefore, Xiaobian summarized what to pay attention to when talking to girls:

(What are the most taboo questions for women to ask? Pay attention to 5 o’clock to talk to others)

1. Chatting is a matter of two people

Some men are anxious to perform in front of the girls they like, always focusing on their own affairs, and forget that there is her opposite. This will ignore the feelings of girls, and make her unable to talk, embarrassing.

Chatting with people (especially girls) must not be able to speak alone, but should guide the other party to speak in a euphemist.

2. Find some common topics

Men are not the same as those who pay attention to women’s life, and it is inevitable that it is difficult to find a common topic when chatting, so that the relationship between the two sides cannot deepen. Therefore, if boys want to chat with women, they must understand something that women often pay attention to, such as popular movies, stars, variety shows, delicious, recent news, and so on.

3. Don’t refute directly when the opinions are different

Everyone’s views on things are different. You can’t ask others to take your thoughts, so even if you don’t understand after hearing the thoughts of others, don’t clearly point out that you only need to be a listener, and quickly transfer the topic after she said. Just accept it.

4. Don’t take the poisonous tongue as humorous

Women like humorous boys, and get along happily with humorous people. However, if you tease others as humor, women will feel that you have no quality. So if you want to win the favor of the other person with humor, try to change the ironic object to yourself, because self -deprecation is the highest level of humor.

5. Don’t involve privacy on the topic of chatting

No one wants to cut out their inner things to others, especially still unfamiliar people. If a man talks about private topics such as non -familiar girls, this woman generally thinks that you are a frivolous, insignificant, unbearable guy, and you must be far away to you.

Paying with people is a deep learning. If you don’t talk, it is better to say less. After all, one friend in this world is always better than an enemy than an enemy.

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