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What are the normal blood sugar for the elderly over 60 years old?More than this value, be careful of diabetes

“Oh, let the child eat less sugar, and will get diabetes in the future.”

The older generation always broke the heart for the next generation.

Amei is 4 years old. It is when she is bouncing and fun. Because she has a pink and soft smiley face, she is very loved. Some of the grandparents who ask grandparents on weekdays will not refuse.

But Grandpa and grandma were so spoiled, but the grandmother was unhappy. The grandma said that if you eat too much sugar, people will get diabetes when they are old, and they ask them to eat less sugar for their children. However, Grandpa and Grandma rejected this statement that there is no scientific basis. If you eat too much sugar, you will not have diabetes, but the grandparents are stubborn. They also say that the articles on the Internet say so, so the family members of the mother have a good letter. Popular science articles like this.

But Xiao Miao couldn’t stand on the side of Tai Po this time.

1. “Sugar” is the culprit of diabetes? Reveal the truth of diabetes

Because diabetes contains a “sugar” word and because of the sugar in patients with diabetes, many people are the same as Amei’s wife, thinking that diabetes is more sugar. But in fact, the root cause of diabetes is not to eat more sugar, but because the body cannot use sugar.

After normal people eat sugar, the body will quickly use the sugar to supply or store, and the blood glucose concentration will quickly drop to the threshold of the kidney glucose. However, after diabetic patients intake sugar, the body cannot use sugar nor store sugar. Instead, let it follow the blood to the kidneys, causing the sugar in the blood to exceed the normal kidney sugar threshold and form diabetes.

The emergence of diabetes is ultimately a problem with the pancreatic organs of the body. The islet β cells in the pancreas or islet B cells cannot secrete insulin normally, causing the body to effectively use sugar.

This is what we say, insulin resistance, so that the body cannot make full use of glucose, leading to increased blood sugar.

Second, obesity is the culprit of diabetes

From the above we can know that the intake of sugar is not the culprit of diabetes. So what are the key factor of diabetes?

Studies have found that obese people are more likely to suffer from diabetes than those with normal weight. The survey pointed out that among middle -aged people over 40 years of age, the chance of obese people suffer from diabetes is 22%, while the chances of diabetes for normal weight are only 3.8%, which is 6 or 7 times.

Medical experts believe that there are 3 reasons: 3 points:

First, the peripheral tissue of the obese people, including muscle tissue and liver, decreased in the number of insulin receptors, and the affinity of insulin is weakened. Therefore, the sensitivity of peripheral tissue to insulin is reduced, causing peripheral tissue to intake and use glucose decreases, resulting in the reduction of glucose, resulting in a reduction Blood glucose rises.

Second, obese people usually have less activity, consume high calories and consume less, and the transition of excess fat to glucose will increase blood sugar.

Third, obese people generally have the problem of insulin resistance.

Excessive blood sugar, and lack of insulin that promote the use of blood sugar, excessive blood sugar follows blood to the kidneys, and then formed diabetes. Of course, we mainly talk about type 2 diabetes here. The main reason for the first diabetes is the congenital cause.

In general, the culprit of diabetes is obesity, not too much sugar intake.

After the age of 60, blood sugar exceeds this number, don’t worry too much

Diabetes is called an elderly disease, so many elderly people will worry about being “entangled” by diabetes. Once the value exceeds the normal value, it is very panic. However, due to age, the degeneration of the pancreatic function of the elderly will cause insufficient insulin secretion and cause blood sugar to rise.

In other words, the blood sugar value of the elderly is slightly higher, which is not too serious.

So, someone will ask at this time, how much is the blood sugar value after the age of 60, don’t worry too much?

Generally speaking, for normal people, the normal whole blood glucose during an empty stomach is 3.9 to 6.1 mmol/L, and the normal blood glucose one hour after meals is 6.7 to 9.4 mmol/L, and at most no more than 11.1 mmol/L. Do not exceed 7.8 mmol/L 2 hours after a meal.

Elderly people over the age of 60 are allowed to be within 7.0 mmol/L, and it is also acceptable to not exceed 11.1 mmol/L after a meal.

However, Zhang Renling, chief physician of the Xuanwu Hospital of Xuanwu Hospital, Xuanwu Hospital of the Capital Medical University, pointed out that the normal blood sugar value of the elderly after the age of 60 is mainly based on its medical history. If you have diabete Symptoms to analyze.

4. Prevent diabetes, do these 2 points to do a good job

We said that obesity is the reason why type 2 diabetes is very important. Then the important point to prevent diabetes is to control obesity, so we must do these 2 points and prevent diabetes by controlling obesity.

1. Diet control

Whether it is diabetic patients or normal people, diet control is an important part when preventing diabetes. We have already said above that obesity is one of the most important reasons for diabetes, so preventing obesity prevention has become one of the measures to prevent diabetes.

In daily life, we must avoid high -fat diet and ensure reasonable food ingredients. In addition, foods that are prone to increased blood sugar should be eaten in moderation. In addition, eating more fruits and vegetables is good for health and helps us maintain weight.

2. Exercise

It can be said that exercise exercise and diet control are the two cornerstones of preventing and controlling diabetes. Exercise can improve the sensitivity of insulin, enhance the affinity of insulin and receptor, enhance the application of muscle to glucose, and achieve the purpose of reducing blood sugar.Therefore, in life, the elderly should often exercise exercise, and you can choose to play with soft exercise such as Tai Chi, dancing, walking, etc.It is necessary to prevent type 2 diabetes. Do it well in diet and exercise to control weight.

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