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What are the obstetrics and gynecology infertility inspections?

Obstetrics and gynecology infertility examinations include gynecological ultrasound examination, endocrine function examination, fallopian tube examination, immune examination.

Women’s infertility examinations are mainly for some diseases that may cause women.1. Whether the gynecological ultrasonic examination can observe the shape, structure, and size of the uterus, or whether there are uterine adenocular disease, uterine fibroids, endometrial polyps, etc. that affect pregnancy, or whether there are immature uterus, uterine diaphragm,, Uterus and other uterus in congenital abnormalities; you can observe whether you have diseases such as ovarian cysts, ovarian atrophy, whether ovarian has advantageous follicles development, and whether it can ovulate normally.2. Endocrine function examination, premature ovarian failure or thyroid dysfunction can affect normal conception function.Six -sex hormone examination and thyroid function test can be done to confirm the diagnosis.3. The tubal examination can be performed by ultrasound examination and fallopian tubal angiography.To determine whether there is a manifestation of fallopian tube obstruction.4. Immunology examination, such as anti -sperm antibodies, antibody antibodies, closed antibodies, chromosome examinations.

Before and after infertility examination, sometimes require abstinence, and sometimes require sexual intercourse. For example, abstinence is required after fallopian tubal angiography. For example, ascetic ascetic for sexual intercourse tests, inspections are required within 2 to 8 hours after sexual intercourse.Infertility examinations must be completed in complete set, avoiding a cause of infertility, so that the treatment of diagnosis can be proceeded smoothly.Clinically, many infertility of infertility couples are many.Therefore, it is necessary to complete a complete infertility inspection project to know what the cause of infertility is.To a certain extent, it can avoid invalid treatment.

Pay attention to infertility examinations, follow the man to check and do the woman.In the normal situation of men’s production inspections, doing women’s inspection can avoid some trauma in the checkup.

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