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What are the obstetrics of pregnant women’s obstetrics

There are a lot of items for pregnant women, and different pregnancy age and examination items are also different.

In the early pregnancy, it mainly performed color Doppler ultrasound inspections to understand the size of the gestational sac and the bed position. There are also four eugenics, blood routine, blood type, liver and kidney function, blood sugar, blood lipids, folic acid biological utilization, and routine leucorrhea.Secondly, HCG and progesterone examinations and B -ultrasound need to be carried out to understand the physical condition of the fetus and pregnant women and avoid various abnormal reactions.During the examination, if HCG and progesterone abnormalities are found, special examinations should be performed in time to determine whether there are various symptoms such as ectopic pregnancy or threatened abortion.

At 11 to 13 weeks of pregnancy, it is mainly chromosome screening, that is, NT examination.Ultrasonic measuring the thickness of the neck of the fetus to evaluate the possibility of fetal chromosomal deformity.The normal value of NT is less than 2.5mm.The higher the value or the higher the value, the higher the risk of the fetal chromosomal abnormalities and the abnormal structure.For pregnant women who have been checked in the past, only NT examinations are required during this period.For pregnant women who have not been checked in the past, they also need to draw blood to check thyroid function, hepatitis B, and AIDS.For pregnant women with pregnancy, in addition to the above examinations, the twins’ velvet gender needs to be determined.

At 14 to 19 weeks of pregnancy, Tang’s screening can be performed. Tang’s screening is mainly to screen whether there are 21 trioma syndrome, that is, a congenital fool, which is a very important inspection.

At 24 to 28 weeks of pregnancy.You can do the four -dimensional ultrasound examination. The four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound is mainly to check whether the fetus has organ malformation and abnormal development. In the second trimester, the color Doppler ultrasound examination and fetal heart monitoring should be performed on a regular basis.

It is recommended that pregnant women should be careful during pregnancy.The first three months of pregnancy is particularly important.Folic acid should be supplemented in time to avoid fetal malformations.In terms of diet, you should balance your diet and eat less.Ensure sufficient sleep in rest.This is conducive to the normal development of the fetus and the health of pregnant women.

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