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What are the pacifiers?How to distinguish the size of the pacifier?

For every baby, a pacifier is an essential thing. Whether it is drinking water, drinking milk, drinking juice, etc., you need to consume it through the bottle. At this time And pay attention to change the pacifier from time to time to avoid the baby’s pacifier is too small or too large when the pacifier sucks. What are the pacifiers? How to distinguish the size of the pacifier? Let’s take a closer look!

What are the pacifiers?

Speaking of the topic of the pacifier model, in fact, there are many brands about pacifiers, and different brands may show the pacifier model through different parameters. If mothers have always used the same brand, they can change the pacifier according to the rules. That’s fine.

For example, our most common pigeon pacifiers generally use S, M, L, Y, etc. to indicate the pacifier model, and in general, S -size pacifiers only need to be used by babies 0 to 3 months, while M numbers are suitable for 3 ~ 7 -month -old babies are used; L is more suitable for babies for more than 7 months; in addition, pacifiers like Y -type holes are more suitable for feeding fruit juice and porridge.

If you want to have been well received recently, the pacifier of “Brown”, its pacifier design will have a special air conductor. The main effect is to effectively prevent the baby from vomiting, snoring, and abdominal pain caused by ordinary pacifiers. Among them, Dr. Brown’s pacifier models are mainly represented by traffic 1, traffic 2. traffic 3, etc. Among them, newborns are suitable for using a type 1 pacifier; babies of more than 3 months are recommended to choose a pacifier of 2 types of traffic; for babies with strong appetite, they can choose a type 3 pacifier.

The above is the relevant content of the pacifier model. Obviously different brands are different in the way of expressing the pacifier model, but in the end Reasonable choice.

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