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What are the precautions for taking Chinese medicine to condition the body?What are the taboos of traditional Chinese medicine conditioning?

The treatment of traditional Chinese medicine has a long history in my country. Even today, with the developed medical technology, traditional Chinese medicine treatment is still a treasure in my country. At present, many people will use Chinese medicine to regulate and treat the body. However, it should be noted that when drinking Chinese medicine to condition the body, there are many precautions. What are the precautions for taking Chinese medicine to condition the body? What taboos need to pay attention to by traditional Chinese medicine conditioning? Let’s take a closer look!

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1. Avoid spicy food

For the problem of taking Chinese medicine to condition the body, I believe that many people know that they cannot eat spicy food when drinking Chinese medicine. Because spicy foods are mostly hot, most of these foods have the effect of Tongyang and stomach, and eating spicy foods can easily lead to getting angry. For those who need to drink Chinese medicine because of the health of Yang Xuyang, they need to drink Chinese medicine. Eating spicy food will greatly reduce the efficacy of Chinese medicine.

2. Avoid eating fishy food

Some Chinese medicine contains aromatic odors, such as some qi -based drugs that contain a large amount of volatile oil. This kind of substance is incompatible with the smell of smell. Playing, such as seafood, beef and mutton, are foods with heavy smells. They need to avoid when drinking Chinese medicine.

3. Avoid eating carrots

Raw radish is also a kind of food that is not suitable for drinking Chinese medicine (except for some drugs that take qi and phlegm), because radish contains the effect of eliminating food. The replenishment effect reduces the original medicinal effect of the drug, so as to achieve good therapeutic effects.

The above is the introduction of what are the precautions for taking Chinese medicine to condition the body. There is no doubt that there are many things that need to be paid attention to in the process of eating Chinese medicine conditioning. We must strictly follow the doctor’s order and actively take relevant measures. Only in order to help your body restore to a healthy state faster.

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