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What are the projects of women’s medical examinations?These 4 items are essential!

What are the projects of women’s medical examinations? In addition to routine examinations, women’s physical examination projects also have inspections that are unique to women. These inspections can help understand women’s reproductive health. Therefore, female friends must pay attention to these inspections.

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Female medical examination must be checked these 4 items

1. Routine breast examination

Breast examination helps to understand the health of the breast, and early detection of potential breast diseases, such as breast hyperplasia, breast cancer, etc. Breast gland is an important indicator of women’s health, and must not be ignored.

2. General vaginal examination

Vaginal routine examinations first check whether the vulva skin has more obvious symptoms such as tumor and inflammation. After that, the vagina should be checked to see if there are malformations and inflammation, and the condition of the leucorrhea should be checked. The leucorrhea can first observe the leucorrhea through the naked eye to see if the color is normal and whether there is odor. If there is an abnormal leucorrhea, you can check the causes of the pathogenic cause, such as bacterial infections, such as bacterial infections.

3. Routine uterine examination

Routine uterine examinations generally include the examination of the cervix and uterine morphological examination. Cervical examination mainly views whether cervical inflammation, cervical erosion, etc. are also required. Cervical coating is also required to check HPV infection to prevent cervical cancer. The examination of the uterine form requires check whether the uterine size, form and location are normal, and whether uterine fibroids are existed.

4. Routine ovarian examination

Routine ovarian examinations are mainly screening ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer can occur in women of all ages. The mortality rate is high, and early symptoms are not obvious, which is easy to delay treatment. Therefore, female friends must not ignore ovarian examination during physical examination.

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