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What are the projects of women’s medical examinations?These 4 men and young women must check these 4 items!

Regular physical examinations are very helpful for observing health status and discovering the signs of diseases, especially for young and middle -aged women, and regular medical examinations are more important. Middle -aged and young women are high -incidence of gynecological diseases and endocrine diseases, so they must pay attention to physical examinations. For young and middle -aged women, there are four major projects for medical examinations.

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These 4 items must be checked by female physical examination

1. Women’s physical examination blood pressure

Hypertension will increase the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as heart disease, kidney failure, stroke. Middle -aged and young women check at least once a year. If the blood pressure level is abnormal, too high or too low, the frequency of blood pressure examination must be increased daily.

2. Women’s physical examination of thyroid function test

Thyroid disease is also one of the common endocrine diseases for women. Armor -hypothyroidism will cause weight gain, while hyperthyroidism can easily cause problems such as emotional fluctuations, weight loss, and acceleration of heartbeat. If women often have no obvious emotional fluctuations, insomnia, sudden weight increases or abrupt decreases before the age of 35, they must be alert to whether there is a problem with the thyroid function.

3. Women’s physical examination skin cancer screening

Skin cancer is also one of the tumors of women’s high incidence. People with lighter skin tone are more likely to suffer from melanoma. In addition, there is a higher chance of skin cancer with a history of sunburn or family inheritance. Usually pay attention to whether there are not symmetrical moles on their skin. If the shape, color of the mole change, or the sudden bleeding, you must seek medical treatment in time.

4. Women’s physical examination of cervical plastering

Cervical plastering is generally used to check the health status of the cervix. It can indicate whether the cervix is ​​infected or inflammated, and the cancer signal can be prompted. Women over 30 years of age are best to do cervical smear check every year.

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