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What are the reasons for more leucorrhea

When it comes to leucorrhea, it may be more familiar with women. It has an important role in women, can protect the effect of protecting women, and protects women’s gynecological health from bacterial interference. It is not an exaggeration to describe it. It can directly observe how women’s gynecological health can be observed through leucorrhea health. If the white belt is abnormal, it will directly reflect the danger of women’s bodies, and it will need to enter the alert state as soon as possible. What are the reasons for the vagina?

What are the reasons for more leucorrhea

The amount of leucorrhea secretion will change with the menstrual cycle of women. If the amount of leucorrhea secretion is more, it may just catch up with the ovulation period. In the ovulation period, it is the most female leucorrhea stage. This is normal. Of course After pregnancy, leucorrhea will increase leucorrhea due to changes in female hormones. A large amount of secretion of the cervical glands and the endometrium gland in the action of estrogen is promoted. The blood flow of the vagina and uterine strength is more vigorous than usual, so that the leucorrhea is increased. Pay attention to personal hygiene.

In addition to the increased physiological factors, some female leucorrhea is also pathological factors, such as infection with bacteria, or inflammation, etc. At this time, it will be accompanied by other symptoms, such as vaginal pain, vulva pain, or vulva. Redness and swelling. Infected by bacteria, leucorrhea will not only increase, but even the smell and color may change. No matter what, when it is found that the leucorrhea increases, it must not only observe its secretion, but even the smell and color should be carefully distinguished. Bacteria invasion, it is best to go to the hospital for examination and receive targeted treatment in time. Only by controlling gynecological diseases first can we fundamentally control the abnormal phenomenon of leucorrhea secretion.

What are the reasons for more votular? In the above content, it has been explained in detail. As a woman, it is really necessary to know more about leucorrhea. At least what circumstances is to know that leucorrhea is normal, and under what circumstances, leucorrhea is abnormal. Early treatment is good for health. Usually women should pay attention to personal hygiene care work to avoid the phenomenon of leucorrhea abnormalities. On the one hand, the body needs to be uncomfortable, and on the other hand, it also takes a lot of time to receive treatment, and physical and mental health will be affected.

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