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What are the requirements for positive home isolation?

For patients who are positive, they actually need to take timely separation measures. Of course, after everyone infected with the new crown virus, the symptoms and severity will be different.Hospital isolation treatment is also required. So what are the standards for positive home isolation?

What are the requirements for positive home isolation?

The positive mainly refers to the test results of the new coronary virus. The requirements for home isolation include non -symptoms with home isolation conditions and minor -mild cases. Those who have no way to centrally isolate medical observation after evaluating other professionals.

The new coronary virus detection is a positive home isolated population. It is necessary to achieve requirements and standards such as not leaving home, regular disinfection, and daily health monitoring.Under the circumstances, in addition to the detection of on -site services and nucleic acids without leaving home, it is necessary to avoid going out without authorization to avoid spreading the virus.Regular disinfection usually includes items that wipe and disinfection, such as tables and chairs, bed frames, and door handles.Health monitoring is performed every day. Usually, it is to detect the body temperature and observe whether your symptoms have improved.If the patient has symptoms such as cough and other discomfort, you can strictly take drugs such as right Michafen for symptomatic treatment. Of course, all the drugs cannot be used without authorization, so as not to cause more serious use due to improper use.harm.

In daily life, you should also pay attention to your own protective measures, such as wearing masks when going out, diligent disinfection, hard -to -hand, and ventilation, drinking plenty of water, etc., and also supplement some vitamin C in appropriate amounts.

What are the requirements for positive home isolation?For positive patients, everyone’s physical condition is different, so even if they are infected by the new coronary virus, the specific symptoms may be different. The requirements for positive home isolation may beWhat kind of relevant content is, I have a detailed introduction above, I hope to help everyone.

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