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What are the side effects of contraceptives afterwards

Nowadays, young men and women are more open to the relationship between the sexual relations. Some boys and girls will have sex when they can’t help themselves. However Female friends have a relationship with the opposite sex, but they are worried that they will get pregnant, so they want to take contraceptives to prevent accidental pregnancy. These female friends want to know what side effects of contraceptives afterwards?

Tournament of contraceptive pills afterwards: dizziness and nausea

Afterwards, contraceptives are also called emergency contraceptives. This type of contraceptive pill will cause gastrointestinal disorders after taking it. Because this type of contraceptive pills only contain progesterone, progesterone has a great impact on gastrointestinal function, so Most people who take emergency contraceptives will be dizzy and disgusting and vomiting reactions. This situation needs to be gradually improved after a period of time.

Tournament of contraceptive pills afterwards: Menstruation disorders

The endocrine will be affected to a certain extent after the contraceptive pill is taken afterwards, because the level of hormone in the body infected with estrogen secretion of progesterone will be imbalanced. After endocrine disorders, women’s menstruation will also be affected. The cycle time is not allowed, the amount of blood volume during menstruation changes, and the time may be extended or shortened. Under such circumstances, the drug metabolism in the body usually needs to be cleaned to improve.

Afterwards, contraceptive pills side effects three: vaginal irregular bleeding

Women who have taken contraceptives afterwards will have irregular vaginal bleeding in vaginal bleeding within a period of time, because this drug can inhibit estrogen secretion, causing the endometrium of the uterine to not get stimulating nutrition. The atrophy and falling off, showing vaginal bleeding.

After reading the introduction above, I believe everyone knows what are the aftermath of contraceptives? I hope that all female friends can take contraceptive measures when they do not intend to have a child, do not let the accidental pregnancy occur, and do not easily take emergency contraceptives afterwards. This drug occasionally take it occasionally, no, no It will cause long -term harm to the body, but frequent use will have a great impact and seriously cause infertility.

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