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What are the symptoms of cervical erosion leucorrhea

The leucorrhea of cervical erosion is vaginalized yellow and sticky, and leucorrhea bloodshot will appear serious.

Because uterine erosion is a normal physiological phenomenon, not a disease, the leucorrhea characteristics and colors of cervical erosion women are normal and will not cause any symptoms clinically.Once abnormal leucorrhea is found, such as increased leucorrhea, yellowish or bloody leucorrhea, and purulent leucorrhea, this is an abnormal phenomenon, but it is not caused by cervical erosion. It is likely to be caused by local cervical, vaginitis or pelvic inflammatory disease, Cause abnormal changes in leucorrhea.It is recommended to do gynecological examinations, conventional leucorrhea, and cervical cancer screening once a year to understand whether the cervical epithelium is led.There are two types of cells in the normal cervix, one is cylindrical epithelium and the other is a scale -like epithelium.The cylindrical epithelium is located in the cervical pipe, while the squamous epithelium is located on the surface of the cervix.When the estrogen level of the human body increases, such as pregnancy, the cylindrical epithelium grows outward and is different from the outside.At this time, the thin columnar epithelium can be observed under the microscope; the red particles change the naked eye, which looks like cervical erosion changes.In fact, it is not cervical erosion, nor is it inflammation, just a phenomenon or a symptom.

Physiological phenomenon does not require treatment.If it is pathological, the mild cervical epithelial tumor changes caused by cervical erosion -like changes can be used for physical therapy, such as laser, frozen or cones.Cappear treatment, also known as LEEP therapy, can perform pathological examinations at the same time to determine whether cervical erosion changes are merged with cervical epithelial tumor.If it is a severe cervical epithelial tumor, surgery may be needed.The surgical method needs to be determined according to the degree of internal tumor and the age of the patient.If the early stage of cervical cancer has reached the early stage of cervical cancer, a wide range of uterine cutting may be needed at this time, and even pelvic lymph nodes are scanned, which is the same as the treatment of cervical cancer.

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