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What are the symptoms of cervical polyps?

Symptoms of cervical polyps are vaginal discharge, abnormal vaginal bleeding, and foreign bodies out of the vagina.

1. The leucorrhea changes: The small and very small cervical polyps generally do not have obvious symptoms. Most of them are discovered in normal gynecological examinations.In general, the cervical polyps are relatively large in the case of leucorrhea or bleeding in the process of sexual life.Some cervical polyps women’s leucorrhea is yellow, and it will also be accompanied by some special smell.2. Abnormal vaginal bleeding: Many women are not in the physiological period, but there will always be a drop of blood, and the color is very bright, and this situation will occur during sexual life. In fact, this is the existence of cervical polyps.A typical symptom.Some women are older and have menopause, but vaginal bleeding has occurred after a period of time, so this is likely to be a strange cervical polyp.3. Flowing foreign bodies from vagina: In addition to the normal vagina, there will only be some leucorrhea except for menstrual blood, but some people may have some pots. Sometimes it may be one. Sometimes there may be a few.It is red and shiny, and the volume is relatively small. The average diameter is below two centimeters.

Pay attention to the leucorrhea situation or irregular vaginal bleeding.The possibility of cervical tumor.Most of the cervical polyps are benign lesions. Once found, it is recommended to remove surgery.However, there is no need to be too nervous. The polyps generally does not affect normal life and work. Even the surgery is conventional surgery. There is no need to be hospitalized. You can perform it in the clinic.

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