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What are the symptoms of high jaundice?Pay attention to these abnormalities

When it comes to the problem of jaundice, I believe that many parents are not unfamiliar with jaundice. Usually, the symptoms of jaundice will disappear after a few days of jaundice, but parents still have to pay attention to. After the baby has jaundice, parents can give treatment as soon as possible if they notice their symptoms. What are the symptoms of high jaundice? Let’s take a closer look!

What are the symptoms of high jaundice?

1. Physiological jaundice

Physiological jaundice generally appears on the 2nd to 3rd days after life, showing mild skin yellow dye, yellow -red with luster, and slow progress. It is the most obvious at the 4th to 6th day after birth. However, the maximum limit of its serum bilirubin does not exceed 12 mg per minute (no more than 15 mg of premature babies), which gradually fades more than 7 to 10 days after birth; Premature babies do not exceed 4 weeks. Except for jaundice, there is no anemia or hepatoblasty, and the general situation of newborns is good.

2. Pathological jaundice

The characteristics of pathological jaundice are: jaundice appears earlier, and can appear within 24 hours after birth; the degree of jaundice is deeper, with earthy yellow or yellow tablet color, and serum bilirubin concentration exceeds the maximum limit of the above normal physiology; Jaundice is progressing rapidly. In the morning and morning and evening of the day, the color of jaundice can be deepened, or the jaundice is delayed, or there is a phenomenon of recurring afterwards; there are still symptoms of other diseases.

What are the symptoms of high jaundice? Jaundice has a certain limit, and its color will not be golden brown. Jaundice is mainly distributed on the face and trunk, while the calves, forearms, hands and feet often have no obvious jaundice. If the bilirubin is determined, the full moon will not exceed 12 mg/minute during the peak of jaundice, and the premature babies will not exceed 15 mg/minute. The physiological jaundice of the full moon is basically fading on the second weekend, and premature infant jaundice generally fades within the third week. When newborn jaundice appears, it is necessary to obey the doctor’s advice in a timely manner and actively treat it.

The above is the introduction of what symptoms of jaundice are high. Obviously, there are many symptoms of high jaundice. It also includes physiological jaundice and pathological jaundice. I hope that everyone can be cautious. Once abnormal conditions occur, they must pay attention. All in all, no matter what time, pediatric jaundice should not be ignored, and treatment must be actively seeking treatment.


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