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What are the symptoms of HPV infection to men

HPV infected men will have obvious pimples, as well as pus, and even lymphadenopathy. As long as they observe it carefully, they will find that the color is changeable, sometimes red, and sometimes gray.

1. Pimples: Some men may find that such sexual organs have obvious abnormalities.There are also many pimples from the groove between the glans to the gap between the glans and the penis.These crickets are red, but it is not painful or itchy.2, purulent: After some male infectious sexual diseases, hold the glans with their hands, they may flow out of yellow liquid.Moreover, it feels a little pain when urinating.Sometimes with the outflow of pus, the area will become larger and larger, and even obvious ulcers will occur.More severe people will have pain, and even cause bleeding.3. Lymph node enlargement: Male human papilloma virus may also cause lymph node disease, and the lymph nodes are located in the root part of the male thighs.Touching the root of the thigh with your hands will feel the obvious mass, and gently pressing it with your thumb will have pain.4. Light red spots: At the beginning, there will be obvious red spots.Clinically, condyloma acuminatum includes mushrooms, cocks, cauliflower -like, nipples, etc., and the parts appear different. Generally, foreskin, lace, glans, coronary grooves, and urethral mouths.Of course, some patients may appear directly in the penis.5. Color variety: After infection with human papilloma virus, the body surface color is diverse, some are red, and some are gray.After being infected with papilloma virus, most of them will be humid.Therefore, if there are some of the above situations, it is necessary to cause damage to your body and treat it as soon as possible.After discovering these abnormal phenomena, you need to pay attention to it.

HPV is indirectly transmitted, so if you usually want to prevent HPV, it is best not to take a bath in a public bathhouse. This can minimize the possibility of contacting HPV.If you want to take a bath in a public bath, it is best to shower instead of bathing.

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