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What are the symptoms of mold vaginitis

Symptoms of mold vaginitis include vulvar itching, abnormal leucorrhea, obvious edema, and other symptoms.

1. Vulvar itching: After suffering from fungal vaginitis, itching symptoms will occur, and itching of unbearable itching in the vulva and vagina will occur.The vulva and vaginal burns and itching, the symptoms of itching are mild and heavy, and sometimes stop.When itching, it is difficult to sleep and eat.When inflammation is severe, urinary pain and sex pain may also occur.In addition, vulva erythema and edema can occur, often accompanied by vulva scratches, severe symptoms, and vulva skin cracking and peeling.

2. In the early stages of mold vaginitis, leucorrhea will increase, and some leucorrhea will become solidified or plaque -like due to disease.Therefore, in the leucorrhea, the leucorrhea from water samples to solidification will appear.At the same time, some female friends will find that their leucorrhea is creamy or tofu -like, accompanied by significantly increased, and sometimes friction bleeding.About 50%of female patients are only large in water, but their symptoms are not particularly serious.

3. Obvious edema: Another symptom of mold vaginitis is that the vaginal and vaginal vestibular mucosa will be highly edema, and there will be obvious stagnation membrane coverage. Usually it is dot or sliced, and some will form ulcers.In severe cases, the labia minora can be swollen and sticky.

4. Other symptoms: inflammatory secretions of fungal vaginitis may affect the urethra, causing frequent urination, urgency, and dysuria.In addition, about 10%of female friends may carry fungi, but there are no obvious symptoms in clinical practice.Therefore, such cases should be treated as soon as possible because once symptoms occur, they will be accompanied by obvious discomfort.

It is recommended that patients ensure sufficient sleep every day, do not stay up late, and pay attention to the frequency of sexual life.Frequently clean the vulva and anus.Pay attention to the order when cleaning.Wash the vulva first, and then wash the anus.Do not do it.Towels and washbasins should be dedicated to special personnel.Develop a good habit of washing hands before the stool.Generally, you need to eat light food, mainly high protein and low fat, and eat more fruits and vegetables, such as bananas, sweet potatoes, celery, etc., to avoid irritating foods and beverages such as pepper, pepper, raw green onion, raw garlic, white wine.

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