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What are the symptoms of patients with cirrhosis

The symptoms of patients with cirrhosis and early symptoms of liver cirrhosis are not obvious. The symptoms of patients are more common in the symptoms of loss of appetite and often fatigue. It is caused by various long -term unhealed liver diseases. Therefore, the symptoms of patients with cirrhosis disease are actually more complicated, but it is generally not difficult to confirm the diagnosis. In addition, it should be understood that the disease of liver cirrhosis should be It is not yet possible to completely cure and prevent liver cirrhosis is the key.

Symptoms of patients with cirrhosis

1. Poor appetite and weakness

For example, loss of appetite, poor nutritional conditions, fatigue and fatigue, darker and dark complexion, and weakness. The early symptoms of liver ascites are not obvious. If you do n’t pay attention to it, you can only find it when you often have ascites, which will cause difficulties in treatment. The symptoms of this disease are still more common in life. In particular, the symptoms of the disease -compensation disease have a certain similar point as hepatitis, and most of the patients in my country suffer from liver cirrhosis due to viral hepatitis. During this period The symptoms of spleen mildness, abdominal distension, liver palms, spider moles and other symptoms generally do not generally have severe complications such as the esophageal and stomach veins of the stomach veins, the liver cirrhosis, and liver coma.

2. mental abnormalities

Mental abnormalities are not only the symptoms of friends of mental patients, but also the symptoms of liver and ascites. After the hepatic ascites begin to appear, patients have some abnormalities in their mental spirit. For example, the patient’s consciousness is abnormal and suddenly excited, but those who are unparalleled, orientation and computing ability disabilities should pay attention to the occurrence of liver coma.

3, liver ascites

Poddal edema is a major symptom of a friend of liver and ascites. When hepatic ascites begin to appear, patients’ limbs begin to abnormal, such as lower limb puffy, fat -faced, and increased abdominal circumference, and ascites occur. These symptoms indicate that the condition begins to enter the period of liver ascites. Sometimes abdominal distension we often disagree. However, patients with cirrhosis often develop abdominal distension, but when patients have high abdominal distension, hepatic ascites. It is mainly based on night, causing a series of symptoms such as sitting and lying, hard to sleep all night, and shortness of breath. When hepatic ascites begin to appear, one of the most common symptoms is the low heat that is difficult to control, and it will also be accompanied by increased neutral white blood cells. At the same time, hybrids, hybrid potassium and hypoglycemia were also found.

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