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What are the symptoms of pediatric fever?Pay attention to these three symptoms

There are many reasons that cause children’s heat and wind. The weather in spring, summer, autumn and winter is different, and sometimes there are two seasons alternating with each other. The climate is cold and hot, and it is easy to form temperature differences. Children’s antiviral ability is relatively weak, and it is easy to form a cold and cold. And sometimes when it is influential, there are more germs in the air, children’s immunity is relatively weak, and it is also prone to infection with bacteria and cause heat injury. So let’s take a look at the symptoms of fever and wind and wind in children?

One of the symptoms of fever and injury of children: headache and tinnitus

Headache tinnitus is one of the symptoms of hot and wounds. If the cold is lighter, the head will only be slightly painful. However, if the heat injury is serious and the headache is more severe, you need to take painkillers to relieve headaches. During the cold and windy cold, you need to rest in bed, supplement your sleep, and relieve headaches to a certain extent.

Two of children’s heat injury wind symptoms: throat swelling and pain

Because of the strong fire in the body, the blood will be hot, and the blood will be hotter. Therefore, it will cause swelling and pain in the throat, and sometimes it can cause cough. It is particularly easy to cause bronchitis due to cough during the fever. If cough occurs, it should be treated immediately to avoid coughing the vocal cord.

Symptoms of Children’s Heat injury wind: fever

Small hot -wounding colds can cause children to have symptoms of fever or fever in children. The fever and fever are different. The heat is just a temporarily emitting heat from the body. Fever is to cool down, otherwise it is likely to cause complications or burn the brain.

We already know what are the symptoms of children’s fever and wind and wind. Parents should pay attention when children have the above symptoms. If the symptoms are relatively mild, you can condition it in a physical way. If the symptoms are more serious, go to the hospital for treatment in time. Usually urge children to pay more attention to keep warm, eat less junk food, and usually exercise more body to enhance physical fitness.

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