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What are the symptoms of renal failure when taking weight loss pills?

The symptoms of renal failure are caused by early anemia that causes renal damage after early anemia, and it will even achieve uremia.

Early symptoms of renal failure of weight loss pills, patients will develop digestive tract symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and decreased appetite.Most patients will be accompanied by clinical manifestations of sleep quality, fatigue, whole body muscle soreness, and chest tightness and dizziness.Generally speaking, taking weight loss pills properly will not have renal failure, but this possibility cannot be ruled out.Because the ingredients in weight loss pills can inhibit appetite, as well as diuretic effects, thereby suppressing appetite in the future.This will lead to insufficient blood capacity of patients with weight loss and acute renal failure.

Patients with renal failure need to limit protein intake to reduce the burden on the kidneys.If you eat too little, you will consume your body’s muscles and internal organs.Therefore, the correct, sufficient, and high -quality protein is needed, and 1 to 1.2 grams per kilogram of body weight per day.Renal failure is not only a common disease of the kidney department, but also a serious disease. Therefore, preventive measures in daily life are very important. As shown in: 1. Eat light and digestible foods every day to avoid seafood, beef and other hair products, etc.Products.Avoid spicy foods such as big meals and peppers; 2. Prevent colds, avoid colds, do not eat unhealthy food, and prevent the disease from worsening; 3. Patients with severe edema should avoid salt, limit the intake of protein food, and drink less water at the same time;Patients with potassium hemophilia should avoid eating high potassium foods, such as seafood, mushrooms, ham, fungus, etc.; 5. People with high blood uric acid should especially avoid the internal organs of animals, fish, shrimp, crab, beer and beans, etc.; 6. High highPatients with blood pressure should take anti -hypertension drugs to control blood pressure. Patients taking hormones should be reduced under the guidance of a doctor; 7. Pay attention to regulating emotions and avoid irritability.

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