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What are the symptoms when cervicitis severe

Severe symptoms of cervicitis include leucorrhea, abdominal pain, and difficulty in urination.

1. There are many leucorrhea.When severe cervicitis occurs, the color of the leucorrhea will change, which is very different from the color of normal leucorrhea. It is milky white secretion and sometimes bloodshot.In addition, when severe cervicitis occurs, itching will occur in the vulva, and severe vaginitis is also severely accompanied by vaginitis.2. Abdominal pain.Severe cervicitis can cause lower abdomen pain, because the sacrum ligament of the uterus is affected by inflammation, which can easily cause bacterial infections around the ligament and cause abdominal pain.3. Difficulty in urination.Not only is it suffering from urinary system diseases, there will also be frequent urination and urgency when severe cervicitis. At this time, you need to go to the hospital for examination.Many young women unconsciously protect themselves and take contraceptive measures when they have sex.After accidental pregnancy, abortion.Although the painless abortion is already mature now, often performing abortion surgery, it is easy to cause women’s cervix problems, cause damage, and the germs can easily enter the body, leading to severe cervicitis.There are many cleaner cleaning agents for women, but these detergents are often used to over -clean the vagina and vulva, which is prone to disease.In the vagina, there should be a flora that can resist the invasion of bacteria.Excessive cleaning can lead to the death of the flora, which can easily lead to the invasion of bacteria and cause severe cervicitis.

For acute cervicitis, the treatment is mainly aimed at the pathogen, so the pathogen must be clearly defined.Different antibiotics are used to treat different pathogens.The principles of treatment are timely, fully, standardized, and thorough, and treat sexual partners at the same time.For chronic cervicitis, based on different types of pathological types of chronic inflammation, local treatment is the main treatment.Physical therapy, drug treatment and surgical treatment can be adopted, and physical therapy can be used.Common physiotherapy methods include frozen therapy, electrocal therapy, laser therapy, microwave therapy, infrared coagulation therapy, etc.Various physical therapy methods are similar.The principle is to destroy the single -layer cylindrical epithelium of the cervical erosion surface through various physical methods, causing the necrosis to fall behind, covering a new layer of multi -layer squamous epithelium.

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