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What are the taboos of eczema?Step on these pits, don’t blame the eczema repeated onset

Eczema, most people are not unfamiliar when they hear this word. Eczema is not a rare disease. There are many reasons for the occurrence of eczema in life. Because each person’s physical fitness has certain differences, the cause and treatment of the cause and treatment are also different. At the same time, avoid “stepping on the pit” during the treatment of eczema. What are the taboos of eczema? Don’t step on these pits!

One of the taboos of eczema: Do not use drugs blindly

The cause of eczema is because of bad habits in life. Although eczema is not a serious disease, the treatment time is relatively long, and it is easy to recur.

Patients need to actively cooperate with treatment, but they must not apply high -concentration drugs on the affected area because they are eager to treat. In fact, this blind use of drugs often exacerbates the disease status and greatly increases the difficulty of treatment. It hurts the patient’s own skin damage. It will be greater, so blind medication is one of the taboos of eczema.

Taboo of Eczema: Do not wash it with hot water

Because some eczema is mainly caused by the infection of germs, patients will want to kill the germs with hot water. In fact, this method is wrong and severely causes the symptoms of eczema.

Because most of the eczema will show varying degrees of redness, pimples, blisters, etc., if it is washed with hot water, it will be soaked due to hot water, which will cause serious blisters and redness. You can only shower with warm water with eczema, and you should not scrub hard to avoid stimulating eczema.

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After reading the relevant introduction and analysis above, I believe everyone understands what are the taboos of eczema? In addition to the above, there are still many taboos of eczema. For example, you must not scratch it with your hands, because the more itchy will be, the more itchy, the more it will be, which will form a vicious cycle, resulting in a decrease in the chance of cure. Essence

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