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What are the three treatment methods for treating premature ejaculation

Men’s premature ejaculation makes it difficult for his wife to reach a orgasm. In the long run, it will cause his wife to have a climax of sex for a long time. After a long time, it will cause his wife to disgust with sexual life. What are the ways to treat premature ejaculation? The three treatments are good.

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Method of Treatment of Ejaculation 1: Mental adjustment

Many men will have a heavy ideological burden after premature ejaculation, so the first thing to solve is not to talk about occasional premature ejaculation as a morbid state. Many times because of various reasons, men may have premature ejaculation. At this time You need to relieve the burden of thought, do not let the burden of thought overwhelm yourself, treat sexual life correctly, usually pay attention to cultivating sentiment. There is a certain correct understanding of the occurrence of premature ejaculation. Don’t carry the burden.

Method of Treatment Premier 2: Exercise your body

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Usually you need to perform more physical exercise. Regular physical exercise can greatly improve the physical fitness of men. If the body is better, premature ejaculation may be cured. In many cases, premature ejaculation occurs. Leaving asylum health can improve premature ejaculation. When performing physical exercise, you can determine a way of exercise according to your hobbies and tolerance, such as walking, jogging, gymnastics, playing, playing football, Tai Chi, and so on. When exercising, you must control the amount of exercise. Don’t be too tired. If you are too tired, you are not good for your body. Do not exercise too little. There is no effect at all.

Method for treatment of premature ejaculation: Diet adjustment

The diet regulation of premature ejaculation is particularly important. The sub -health state of the patient is an important reason for premature ejaculation. To get rid of the sub -health state, you have to say that you need to pay attention to the diet. It is good to make up yin. Do not use warm food. In addition to eating ordinary rice noodles and vegetables, you can eat more light vegetables, sea cucumbers, wolfberry, white fungus, honey, etc.; You can eat more walnuts, chestnuts, fish and shrimp, black beans, lotus seeds to supplement kidney qi. In this way, through diet adjustment, men’s bodies will gradually move towards health and get from sub -healthy state, premature ejaculation may not heal.

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