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What are the treatment methods of liver cirrhosis?

Everyone knows that alcoholic liver is a more common disease in clinical practice, which causes damage to the patient’s liver and causes many aspects of harm. Therefore, once patients suffer from this disease, they must go to the hospital for treatment. So what are the treatment methods of liver sclerosis? How can we recover patients as soon as possible?

What are the treatment methods of liver cirrhosis

Quit drinking

For patients with cirrhosis, quitting alcohol is the most effective way to treat liver cirrhosis. Because the cause of liver sclerosis was caused by a large amount of alcoholism. Therefore, in the process of treatment, treatment must be fundamentally treated. If the patient’s treatment is during the treatment of patients, this will not only reduce the effect of the treatment, but also cause the reduced condition to deteriorate again. As long as the patient can do not get dripping, it is necessary to eliminate the cause of the disease, so as to improve the treatment effect.


Secondly, patients with cirrhosis must ingest high protein and nutritious diet containing heat and high -vitamin. Because patients with cirrhosis must be scientific and reasonable during their diet, and they are mainly light foods, try not to eat high fat and too greasy foods. Because this type of food contains very high calories, it is difficult to digest, which will increase the burden on the liver and be very unfavorable to the condition. At the same time, the intake of salt should be limited to reduce the cause of ascites.

Knowing this, I believe that friends already know what treatments for liver cirrhosis. In addition, patients with cirrhosis also need to enter high -lyonged glucose solution, so as to supplement the effect. During the infusion process, vitamin C and potassium chloride and insulin need to be added, and the hydrolysis balance of the human body is needed.

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