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What are the types of “breasts”?As a woman, you may not understand

“Why do some girls have soft chests like bread, but some are hard like steamed buns?”



“Why is there a hard block in the chest, I am worried about whether it is breast cancer.”

“Sometimes the chest is hard to harden? Is it cancer?”

I received a lot of questions about breasts in the background. Breasts are an important part of a woman. Many people hope that it can become bigger and soft, but reality always has various problems.

First, why are some chest soft, but some are hard?

The appearance of the breast is composed of nipples, areola, and skin, while internal is composed of fat, fiber connective tissue, glands, and catheter. Many people don’t know that breasts can actually be divided into three types:

1. Triminated breasts

Most of the breasts occupy breasts are densely densely dense breasts, and this type of breast is more common in young women.

2. Fat type

Most of the breasts are called fat types. Most of the postmenopausal women’s breasts will become fat type, and the fat feels more soft.

3. Intermediate mixed type

The number of glands and fat in the breast is in the middle of the two types of the above two types, and it is called an intermediate mixed type.

Some women’s breasts gradually become softer may be caused by two reasons, including increased fat and age increases. After the fat is gaining weight, the fat in the chest will increase, and naturally it will become soft. Women are old. The breast tissue in the chest gradually shrinks, and it will also make the chest soft and elastic.

Some women will find their breasts suddenly hardened in their lives, and they are very afraid of disease factors, but they do not find problems after examination. What are the causes of women’s chest hardening?

Second, the chest is like a rock! Why do breasts suddenly harden?

1. menstrual impact

Before women’s menstruation comes, the level of estrogen hormones in the body will reach its peak, which will then cause breast hyperplasia, mammary tissue edema, breasts will become hard, and some will even have obvious hard blocks.

2. Sexual life impact

During the same room, women’s breasts will also be congested and swollen, and the feel will feel harder than usual, and it can return to normal after the intercourse.

3. Physiological rising milk

This situation will mostly appear around one week after giving birth. Both sides will harden and pain. Many women’s breasts will become harder, the skin is very tight, and it will hurt when it touches. This is because the blood and lymphs of postpartum women will be gathered in large quantities in breast edema.

In daily life, some women will also have a hard block. Perhaps they are worried about whether it is caused by breast cancer. In fact, there is no need to be too afraid.

Third, the breasts appear hard, is it breast cancer?

Professor Hu Jinhui, deputy director of the Department of Breast Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that there are many reasons for causing hard blocks in the breast. These reasons are common.

1. Breast hyperplasia

Breast lumps caused by breast hyperplasia are the most common. Most of the lumps caused by hyperplasia are irregular, and the texture is softer. Breast pain is usually accompanied by breast pain. In the early days of menstruation, the pain will increase and the mass becomes larger. After the menstrual period, it can be relieved or even disappear.

2. Breast fibroma

Most lumps caused by breast fibroma are mostly rounded. The texture is generally tough. It has a great degree of activity. It does not have obvious adhesion to the skin, and there will be no obvious pain.

3, mastitis

Mastitis can occur in women at any stage, and it is relatively common in breastfeeding women. Women who are breastfeeding during breastfeeding will cause lumps in the chest due to milk accumulation. The lumps will have obvious tenderness and hard texture. The symptoms can be relieved after the milk is smooth.

4. Breast cancer

The lumps caused by breast cancer generally do not have obvious discomfort in the early stage. The masses are relatively irregular, hard texture, unclear borders, and poor activity. As the diseased development of the breasts, the local skin of the breast will have orange peels and dimples. Essence

After discovering abnormal lumps in the breast, you need to go to the hospital to consult a professional breast surgeon in time, and perform B -ultrasound, molybdenum target, breast MRI and other examinations under the guidance of the doctor to clarify the nature of the mass. Early early treatment.

After some people find lumps in the breasts daily, they will go to some health care places to alleviate by massage. Is this method really reliable?

Fourth, can health care eliminate breast lumps?

The answer is not possible. There are many fibrous connective tissues around the breast tissue of women. During the massage process, local blood circulation will be accelerated, and more nutrients obtained by local. For tumor patients, massage can promote cancer. If you want to eliminate the breast hard block, the real way is to go to the hospital for examination in time. At the same time, it is necessary to reduce foods rich in estrogen and maintain a positive and optimistic attitude.

It is recommended that women have a breast self -examination every month in life. When taking a bath, they can touch the breasts of the breast through the palm of the hand. Once they find abnormalities, they will seek medical treatment in time.

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