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What are the types of stains?A simple understanding of the stains

In a lifetime, almost all encounters stains. Poin spots are a colorful skin disease, which refers to spots with different colors from the surrounding skin. Although many people know pigmentation, they do not know what types of stains are. Take a look at today.

do you know? There are common stains with these


Freckles will begin to appear in their childhood. Affected by female technology, there are many women. Freckles have a certain genetic tendency. After the sun, it can gradually deepen the increase. The brown fine dot is scattered in the back of the nose and cheeks, and the distribution presents basic symmetry.


Llazed spots, also known as liver spots and butterfly spots, the pigmentation spots that occur on the face. Women’s endocrine disorders, excessive mental stress, various diseases, and external chemical drug stimulation can cause melasma.

Old spot

Elderly spots, also known as elderly warts, are common in middle -aged and elderly people. Elderly spots are often located on both sides of the face, showing the irregular round sport on the sides of the face.

If the face has stains, it can easily affect a person’s overall appearance and greatly reduce the beauty. It is important to do the following.

Preventing stains, sun protection is really important

Ultraviolet rays are one of the important reasons for stains. If you go out, it is recommended to put on a hat and sunscreen to avoid the skin from exposed directly to the sun. In daily life, sunscreen measures should be taken in sunny or cloudy. In addition to physical sunscreen, chemical sun protection is also important. Purchasing the right sunscreen and applying to the exposure can effectively reduce the damage to the skin.

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Doing sun protection can not only make congenital spots no longer deepen and increase, but also avoid inducing most of the appliance spots.

In addition, you must skin care in daily life. Improper face washing is likely to destroy the sebum film, which makes it difficult for the skin to resist external stimuli to produce stains. Skin care products with quality problems will also destroy sebum film. Buy skin care products, try to recognize big brands as much as possible, and determine whether there are relevant qualifications.

Prevent stains, start with daily life.

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