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What can I see if the cervical erosion can be seen

Cervical erosion is a cervical cylindrical epithelium replace the cervical squamous epithelium, which is visible to gynecological examinations.

Cervical erosion is a common clinical symptom of women, manifested as the cervix changes from smooth and rosy epithelium to rough granular erosion surface.Cervical erosion must first check cervical TCT and human papilloma virus, except for cervical cancer and even cervical cancer.In addition to these serious problems, cervical erosion is a manifestation of chronic cervicitis.Generally, external forces such as the same room cause the cervical epithelium to fall off, expose the skin tissue, weak disease resistance, and often cause chronic infections and cause cervical erosion.Usually gynecological examinations, through the vaginal mirror examination, you can see red erosion on the surface of the cervix and different sizes of erosion.Under normal circumstances, 1/3 of the decaying surface is called mild erosion, more than 2/3 of the severe erosion, and the middle is moderate erosion.Cervical erosion is not one of the more serious performance, because cervical erosion is only a state of cervix, not a disease.Cervical erosion patients and patients with normal cervical form should regularly screen cervical cancer, that is, TCT and human papilloma virus examination.Whether there is cervical erosion or not, it should not give up screening, because cervical cancer can be manifested on patients with cervical erosion and normal cervix.

Cervical erosion is divided into one, two, and three degrees. When there is inflammation infection, it is generally chronic cervicitis.Chronic cervicitis can cause cervical bleeding.Most women usually have cervical erosion and cervicitis.Cervical erosion is accompanied by cervicitis. Poems can be treated in acute phase, such as Bao Nu Kang and Miramus.Cervical erosion can be treated with physical therapy such as laser, freezing, and microwave in chronic cervicitis.The treatment of cervical erosion in physical therapy can achieve the purpose of safety, efficiency, simplicity, painlessness, and healing. It is mainly through various physical therapy to cause the erosion noodles to fall off, covering the new pillar epithelium, thereby achieving the goal of completely cure cervical erosion and cervicitis.

Pay attention to cleaning the vulva without infection. Do not use various rinse liquids to avoid destroying the natural protection barrier of the vagina, so as not to cause greater damage to the body like this.

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