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What can we do for autistic children?

On April 2nd, it is the world’s autism day. Children with autism are also called “children of the stars”. They are like the stars in the sky. They flashed alone in the distant and dark night sky.

Autism is a type of developmental disorders characterized by serious loneliness, lack of emotional reactions, language development disorders, and stereotypes. Survey data shows that one of the 50 children in the United States has autistic children, and one of each 100 people in my country has autism patients, that is, it indicates that there are at least 13 million autistic patients in my country.

The road of social obstacles for autism children


Children with autism have qualitative defects in social exchanges. To varying degrees, they lack interest with people, and they lack normal ways and skills. The specific manifestations are different with the degree of age and the severity of the disease, and the obstacles to interacting with children of the same age are the most prominent.

Infantile period

The child avoids the contact of the eye, lacks interest and response to others ‘calls and teasing, does not expect the posture that is hugged or is stiff, unwilling to be close to others, lacks social smiles, does not observe and imitate others’ simple actions that imitate others. Essence


Children still avoid vision contact, often ignore them, often do not have attachment to the main supporters, lack due fear of strangers, lack interest in interaction and play with children of the same age, and have problems with the way of communication and skills. Children will not attract the attention of what they are pointed by through their eyes and sounds, they will not share happiness with others, they will not seek comfort, they will not express comfort and care about the physical discomfort or unpleasantness of others. They often do not play imagination. And role -playing game.

Academic age

With the increase and the improvement of the condition, children may become friendly and affectionate to their parents and compatriots, but they still lack interest and behaviors of active interaction with others to varying degrees. Although some children are willing to associate with people, there are still problems with the way of communication and skills. They often entertain themselves, and they are alone. I do n’t understand and it is difficult to learn and follow general social rules.


Patients still lack the interest and skills of social interaction. Although some patients are eager to make friends and may also have interest in the opposite sex, because they lack due understanding of social scenarios, they lack appropriate response to others’ interests and emotions, and it is difficult to understand humor. And metaphor, etc., it is difficult to establish friendship, love and marriage.

What can we do for autistic children?

Children with autism are isolated from the crowd like distant stars. However, they are still eager to get our understanding, attention, respect, and acceptance. They should be treated as gentle as normal children. Children with autism are not out of reach, and they exist vividly around us. And what can we do for them?

As a teacher, you can::

1. Use visual strategies to cooperate with students’ strong reactions and understanding of visual information; 2. Establish an organizational and regular learning environment as soon as possible; 3. Assist students to establish appropriate and effective communication skills as soon as possible; 4. In response to Autism students will be attached to some specific themes, and take advantage of the motivation as a learning; 5. Provide a favorable learning environment to reduce students to affect learning due to noise, spinning, and excessive room temperature; 6. Use a variety of sensory assistance to assist in assistance Students learn to avoid a series of long oral instructions.

As a parent, you can::

1. Deepen the truth of autism, confidant knowing, and fight all hundreds; 2. Establish beliefs, and firmly believe that the child will improve after training; 3. Adopt a positive attitude and face the challenge of cultivating children; With strengths, and discovering and cultivating their special talents, making them exhibition and contributing to society; 5. closely cooperate with schools and other professionals; 6. Establish support networks, strive for family members, relatives and friends support, and community personnel’s people in the community. Acceptance.

You can be a friend, you can:

1. Practice the role of exemplary and assist students with autism into classroom learning and activities; 2. Through social activities in realistic situations, such as collective games, tea clubs, etc. With the acceptance and support of their peers, autism students have increased their intentions with humanity.

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As a public, you can

1. Deepen the understanding of autism, understand and support the difficulties and challenges faced by parents of children with autism, and avoid blame parents due to misunderstandings; 2. Respect and respect those of autism, do not discriminate or tease them; 3. Provide opportunities to integrate autistic people into society, enable them to contact and communicate with others, and overcome the obstacles caused by autism and the difficulties in community adaptation.

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