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What causes cervical cancer

Cervical cancer is caused by HPV virus infections, premature sex, and excessive childbirth.

1. HPV virus infection, this is a critical cause of cervical cancer, especially high -risk HPV virus infections. If antiviral treatment is not performed in time, cervical cancer will occur after the cervix is stimulated for a long time.2. Early sexual life, and the cervical development of women before the age of 16 is not complete. At this time, the same room will cause damage to the epithelial tissue such as uterus and cervix, thereby increasing the probability of cervical cancer.3. Excessive childbirth, each childbirth will cause damage and stimulation to the cervix. Therefore, the number of childbirth is too many, and the risk of cervical cancer after HPV infection is higher.Early cervical cancer often does not have obvious symptoms. Occasionally, vaginal secretions increase, and it may be accompanied by odor. It can also find vaginal bleeding after sexual life or gynecological examination.In advanced patients may have symptoms such as pain at the same time. If metastasis occurs, there will be a series of symptoms of the corresponding system.

The treatment of cervical cancer is mainly surgery and radiotherapy, supplemented by chemotherapy.Various methods can be applied independently or combined with treatment.Surgical treatment is mainly used for early cervical cancer.The surgical methods include: all -uterine resection, improvement of cure uterine resection, pelvic lymph node removal, radical uterine resection, and pelvic lymph node scanning.The retaining fertility function is only applicable to patients who have different types of tumor types, clinical stages are early and strictly selected.Surgery has a way to open abdomen, laparoscopy, Da Vinci robot auxiliary laparoscopy and other methods.Radiotherapy is suitable for patients with medium and advanced cervical cancer, or patients who cannot tolerate surgery in the early stage. Patients with high -risk factors after surgery may also assist radiotherapy, which is divided into external irradiation and internal radiotherapy.Chemotherapy is mainly used for chemotherapy for patients with advanced, recurrence and metastasis, and radicals at the same time, and also used for adjuvant treatment before and after surgery.

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