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What causes cervical long polyps

Cervical polyps are caused by inflammatory stimulation, endocrine disorders, invasion and infection of virus or bacteria.

First, the stimulus of inflammation.When the cervix is infected with pathogen or is continuously stimulated by chronic inflammation, the mucosa on the cervix will begin to proliferate in order to reduce this stimulus.If the mucosa hyperplasia is more, cervical polyps will be formed.Second, endocrine disorders.Due to bad living habits or irregular diet, this will cause female endocrine disorders.When endocrine disorders, some women’s estrogen secretes much, resulting in excessive estrogen levels.When the estrogen level in the body is too high, women’s uterus, ovaries, cervix and other parts will easily grow benign polyps or tumors.Third, the invasion and infection of viruses or bacteria.In life, due to mechanical stimuli such as delivery, surgery, sexual behavior, natural or abortion, it will cause certain damage to the cervix, making the pathogens of women enter the cervix easily. When the cervix is infected by the pathogen, it can easily lead to the cervix.The formation of polyps.Physical therapy includes electrical scorching therapy, microwave therapy, laser therapy, etc.Cervical polyps can be removed by physical therapy.If the polyps are large, surgical treatment can also be taken.Doctors use polyps clamps, biopsy clamps and other equipment to remove cervical polyps, and send remove polyps to pathology.

Cervical polyps do not have special taboos, but once they are found, it is generally recommended to remove.After treatment, there are some taboos, such as avoiding bathing and sexual intercourse before the wound is completely healed, keeping the vulva cleaning to avoid retrograde infections.After the cervical polyps are treated, the vulva should be cleaned daily under the guidance of a doctor to keep the vulva clean.Baths, sexual intercourse and vaginal flushing during the wound are not healed.After treatment, patients may increase vaginal secretion, including blood wire or a small amount of vaginal bleeding, which is caused by crusting of wounds.However, if the amount of bleeding is large, it is necessary to do local hemostasis in emergency situations.In addition, it is generally a month after the operation to review the wound healing.

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