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What causes cervicitis

Cervicitis is caused by bacterial infection, improper use of solution, injury during surgery, or gynecological inflammation.

1. Bacterial infection.Women who do not pay attention to the hygiene of private parts are vulnerable to bacterial infection, such as poor quality of underwear, long -term without changing underwear, improper use of menstrual sanitary napkins, etc., which may cause the growth of vaginal bacteria and induce cervicitis.2. Improper use of washing solution.When abnormal vaginal itching, women usually choose to use vaginal lotion to relieve symptoms.But it is easy to have problems in the selection and use of vaginal lotion.For example, long -term use of acidic or alkaline washing fluid may damage cervical tissue and cause cervicitis.3. Injury during surgery.When women perform abortion or childbirth surgery, cervix may be damaged and cervicitis.And the disinfection work during the operation is not done well, resulting in bacteria entering from the vagina, increasing the probability of cervicitis.In addition, frequent sexual life also increases the risk of cervicitis.4, suffer from gynecological inflammation.When women suffer from gynecological diseases such as trichomonas vaginitis, treatment measures should be taken as soon as possible.If it is not treated or cured for a long time, it is easy for the germs to enter the cervix and cause cervicitis.

Cervicitis should be treated according to the severity of personal condition.If cervicitis is not serious, it is generally recommended to take conservative treatment measures to use vaginal medication.You can use Bao Nu Kang Poor Plug -in or Moisturizing Polaries, and take oral galleries for treatment, which can achieve good treatment effects.Pay attention to hygiene cleaning during the medication, do not have the same room.Also, be careful not to eat some spicy and irritating foods, a light diet, so as not to aggravate the condition.If the disease is severe, the drug treatment has no obvious effect or the condition is serious, and laser or microwave treatment can be used.Or the condition is particularly serious, with contact bleeding and need surgery.Pay attention to the hygiene during treatment, use the treatment that suits you, and take the medicine according to the doctor’s order.

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