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What causes pigment spots

Long melanin spots may be caused by factors such as staying up late for a long time, endocrine disorders, and a state of lack of water for a long time.

Pigment spots are usually divided into two categories, one is pigmentation spots, and the other is loneling.Most spots seen clinically are pigment spots caused by inflammation or other reasons.Pigment spots usually include inflammatory pigment spots, melasma, and pigment spots formed due to freckles.Most of the discolored spots are part of the partial discoloration formed after inflammation.This decolorization may be due to inflammatory factors, which causes melanocytes at the junction of the epidermis and leather to suffer from certain obstacles.At this time, it is usually white.Pigment spots grow on the surface of the skin, mainly facial, which is caused by deposited pigments that cannot be discharged in the body.The longer the time, the larger the area, and the formation of a blockbuster, which seriously affects the aesthetics.There are a lot of pigment spots on the skin, which brings psychological pressure to patients.Some patients have become inferior and even psychological obstacles, which seriously affect normal interpersonal communication and become introverted.Pigment spots have long existence, causing dry skin.If you do not remove and replenish water in time, other problems may occur.If cosmetics are abused, it may cause skin allergies.If you want to effectively remove pigment spots, you can go to a regular beauty hospital for laser freckle or use of photon skin rejuvenation.At the same time, you can also use a Chinese herbal medicine mask with whitening and dilute spots, and use the tyrosinase inhibitor ointment for local treatment.In addition, exfoliating and grinding surgery can also help remove pigment spots.

It is recommended that patients pay attention to a light diet in diet, and try to avoid food that is not easy to digest and taste spicy.If patients have the habit of drinking, coffee or smoking, it is recommended to reduce the number of smoking, drinking and drinking coffee.At the same time, patients need to pay attention to personal protection to avoid long -term exposure to ultraviolet rays.

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