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What causes premature ovarian failure?

Premature ovarian failure is caused by endocrine disorders, endometrial damage, physical malnutrition, genetic or bad living habits.

1. Endocrine disorders: Once women have endocrine disorders, human metabolism will have problems.Women with polycystic ovary syndrome will cause metabolic disorders, which can easily lead to accelerated aging of women’s ovaries and affect women’s fertility.Women should pay attention to regulating endocrine and avoid endocrine disorders.2. Endometrial injury: such as pelvic inflammatory disease, endometritis, endometrial tuberculosis, etc., these diseases can reduce women’s menstrual flow, which leads to premature ovarian failure.Women have loved their bodies, so they must take contraceptive measures when sexual behavior, avoid artificial abortion, do good care, develop good hygiene habits, and try to pay attention to the prevention of gynecological inflammation.3. Physical malnutrition: Excessive weight loss will have a certain impact on the ovaries.Excessive weight loss can lead to malnutrition, naturally affect ovarian function, and cause premature ovarian failure.Obesity women should take scientific methods to lose weight, and do not use diet to lose weight.Destinating weight loss will not only affect physical health, but also induce diseases.4. Genetic: Premature ovarian failure may be related to congenital genetic.For example, patients with abnormal X chromosomes cause diseases such as congenital ovarian dysplasia and crispy X chromosome syndrome, and premature ovarian functional premature failure occurs.5. Bad living habits: Women have long -term smoking, drinking, and staying up late, which will affect the normal function of the ovaries and cause premature ovarian failure.

To avoid staying up late for a long time, long -term staying up late may affect women’s ovarian function.Usually develop the habit of getting up early and getting up early.Don’t eat health care products, because health products may contain a large amount of hormones, which may cause excessive ovarian stimulation and premature aging.Try to do proper sexual intercourse between husband and wife, do not excessive.To prevent premature ovarian failure, you need to avoid sedentary, pay attention to the light diet, do not eat spicy and irritating food, maintain a happy mood, and avoid long -term stagnation of liver qi to affect ovarian function.

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