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What diet should be paid attention to before the physical examination?

The medical examination can timely detect the high risk factors of the disease and lurking, and recognize whether the operation of some parts of your body is normal or not, so that you can discover some minor problems in advance and avoid the occurrence of the disease through subtle adjustments. Not only is it necessary, but also significant. But do you know what you should pay attention to before the physical examination? Let’s take a look together.

1. Pay attention to the empty time before the physical examination

Everyone knows before the physical examination, but if the empty stomach is too long, it will also affect the results of the medical examination. The emptiness time is controlled below 18 hours, and it is advisable to be more than 12 hours. Generally, it is advisable to eat after dinner the night before the medical examination until the end of the medical examination.

If the medical examination items include blood test, people who have a habit of drinking water in the morning should bear it first, because drinking water will also affect the results of the test of blood test. Although the impact is not very serious, we strive to be objective and accurate. overcome.

2. Diet taboo before physical examination

Eat less or not to eat high -fat food within 3 days before the medical examination, do not drink alcohol to avoid fatigue. High -fat food, alcohol, and rest have a special impact on the results of the medical examination. During the period before the medical examination, try to achieve the above points to ensure the objective of the results of the medical examination.

3. Drugs during medical examinations

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Blood collection should be empty, but the medicine should be treated differently for patients with chronic diseases. For example, patients with hypertension take antihypertensive drugs every morning, which is necessary to keep blood pressure stabilizing. Suspeling or delaying medication will cause blood pressure to rise sharply and danger. Therefore, patients with hypertension should take the pressure -lowering medicine as usual before receiving the medical examination.

If you are taking antibiotic drugs or vitamin C and weight loss drugs, the medical examination will be taken after 3 days of stopping the medicine.

(Editor in charge: Tang Aifeng)

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