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What do parents know, how to deal with accidental accidents?

During the National Day, it is always inevitable to travel. For parents, while encouraging children to play activities, they should always pay attention to the potential danger around him. The World Health Organization reports that about 900,000 children die every year due to accidental injuries, which is the first reason for the death of children 0 to 14 in countries around the world and the main reason for children’s disability. These damage brings a heavy burden on the family and society, and accidental disability causes serious damage to the physical and mental health of children. The following introduces the treatment of common accidental damage for children to help parents take the damage to the minimum.

What should I do if my child is drowning?

If your child really drowns, don’t control the water or hang up the child, and don’t run away with the child. What should I do if I encounter this situation? According to the child’s response, breathing, heartbeat, you can choose to put your child’s position observation and perform artificial breathing or cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

What should I do if I encounter burns?

When the child encounters a small area of ​​burns and scald, immediately use cold water to rinse the burns for 10-30 minutes, or use ice cubes to apply cold compresses to relieve pain and reduce damage. Then send the child to the hospital as soon as possible for further treatment.

What should I do if I accidentally fall?

Fall injuries not only occur on holidays, but also often appear in daily life. If the child falls, you must call the 120 emergency call as soon as possible to try not to move your child’s body to avoid causing secondary damage. If there is bleeding, immediately cover the child’s injury with a clean dressing and compress the hemostasis until the emergency staff arrives. If the child stops breathing, he should immediately resurrect the cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

How to deal with food poisoning?

When traveling, pay special attention to diet, try to avoid eating polluted foods. If you find that your child’s food is poisoned, you should collect residual food immediately and bring your child to the hospital.

How to deal with trauma?

If you are stabbed by a foreign body during travel, you should immediately protect the wound, stabilize the foreign body, avoid the wounds deepened or expand, and send it to the nearest hospital in time. If it is injured and bleed, clean it with flowing water, and then disinfect and bandage the wound; if red and swollen, you can apply hot or ice -applying.

Accidental damage has been seriously harmful to children’s health and life. Pay attention to safety on holidays to travel on holidays. Parents must master the ability to prevent and first aid in order to reduce the occurrence of various accidents.

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