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What do people who can’t afford it?

A while ago

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The topic of menstruation poverty rushed to hot search

#Global 500 million women facing menstrual poverty#

If you don’t see this amazing number

We are hard to imagine

Today in the 21st century

There are so many women who have lived so hard


Sanitary napkins on the market

Single film price ranges from 1 yuan ~ 3 yuan

Women’s periods of a year must be used:

The cost that needs to be supported in one year is:

Economic women

Paying this fixed cost is not a problem

But for some rural women

This is a big burden

Some researchers found out

Most rural women

Don’t care about brands and materials when choosing sanitary products

Low price

Is their main standard

And cheap sanitary napkins

Often is the hardest hit area where quality supervision is not in place

There may be many hidden health hazards

For example, fluorescent agents, material pollution (bugs or debris), mold expires, etc.

After using unqualified sanitary napkins

Women are susceptible to allergies

Or a gynecological disease

Even if you buy qualified products

There are also people to save money

Don’t want to replace it on time

This also affects reproductive health very much

more than this

Because I really can’t afford a sanitary napkin

Instead, use toilet paper, old towels,

Old clothes, breaking cloth strips, work paper, etc. to replace

Women at menstruation

Pelvic congestion

Cervical opening slightly

Physical resistance is also poor

These alternatives have not been disinfected

It is also not met with hygiene conditions


These issues are slowly seen by the society

Whether in my country or internationally

A lot of appear

Improvement measures for “menstrual poverty”

Or public welfare organization


Many countries and organizations have launched sanitary products

“Duty -free” and “free” activities

In our country

Various types of public welfare institutions have sprung up like the rain


Shanghai Rende Foundation “Spring Liu Plan”

UU Charity “White Shell Program”

Wuxi Lingshan Charity Foundation “gives her”

These organizations are committed to providing women with menstrual supplies help

For example, giving love packages to girls in the mountains

Multiple middle schools and universities

It has also launched a “sanitary napkin mutual help box” activity

But this is still an unfinished journey

Girls who just come to menstruation

Because you are not used to and have no relevant knowledge

May have tension, anxiety and other emotions

I even hate menstruation and hate myself

If you are a girl’s family

Or friends, people around

It should be good at this time

Help her dredge bad emotions

When girls have menstrual inferiority

Give the correct guidance

If you are a teacher

Talking about menstruation in class

It is necessary to be generous and professional as much as possible

Tell the children about related knowledge

Let children know more about women’s bodies

Growth and smelling, rich knowledge

Menstrual poverty

Not just economic issues

It is also a problem in women in the world

More and more people agree

Women should not pay for their own physiological structure

What do you think?

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