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What do women eat kidney?Taking these 7 types of dietary kidney tonic

Don’t think that kidney is a “patent” for men, and women’s kidneys will be weak and need to make up.How do women nourish the kidneys?Experts recommend dietary therapy, so that there will be no side effects.


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What to eat?1. Black sesame seeds

Liver and kidney, beneficial and blood, are used for menstrual diseases and male diseases with less blood and blood.

What to eat?2. Ejiao

For blood deficiency, there is less blood deficiency, and the unsteady collapse and pregnancy are used.It contains a variety of amino acids, which is better than iron, and improves calcium balance in the body. It can be used for uremia renal anemia.

What to eat?3. Animal liver

Traditional Chinese medicine has the saying that “nourishing the internal organs”. Animal liver is rich in protein, fat, and a variety of vitamins, which has the effects of nourishing kidney and essence.

What to eat?4. Black beans

When female friends have kidney loss, and cause very little menstrual flow or even suffer from some chronic kidney diseases, and accompanied by symptoms of proteinuria, they can be appropriately consumed.

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