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What do you need to check for the medical examination of the elderly

People are old, and their health indicators will decline. Doing physical examinations every year can make a comprehensive assessment of your health, and then help you make correct health guidance and improve physical discomfort. Physical examination is a kind of physical examination is a kind of physical examination. The most effective way to manage health. What do the elderly need to check the physical examination? Is there any difference between young people?

Compared with the young human examination items, the elderly’s medical examination items will be relatively more, and they are more targeted, mainly to screen some high -incidence diseases for the elderly, and prevent problems before they occur. The health management experts from the medical examination center will ask you to answer the question “What do you need to check for the medical examination of the elderly”.

The elderly medical examination items will be different because of different gender.

Tailoring, weighing, detection of body fat rate: This is an effective method of detecting whether the body is obesity or thinner. When people slow down to the elderly, it is easy to get blessing. If the human body is thin, there may be diseases such as malnutrition or anemia. Therefore, in addition to checking your own weight every year, you must also manage your body to reduce the risk of onset.

Blood pressure testing: Hypertension is the biggest health killer of the elderly. Hypertension can also cause harm to your heart, brain, eyes, and kidneys. Blood pressure test must be done every year.

Blood glucose test: Like blood pressure test, it is necessary to check once a year. If the blood sugar is abnormal, it may cause diabetes, hypoglycemia, blindness, heart disease, and kidney failure.

Cholesterol detection: If cholesterol is too high, it can cause stroke or heart disease and other diseases. If there is already a heart disease, it is best to check cholesterol regularly according to the doctor’s recommendation. Ordinary elderly people are best to check every five years.

Eye testing: Clinical data shows that the older the age of glaucoma and spots, the higher the incidence of worsening. In order to be unpopular in the later years, it is best to do eye examination once a year.

Listening examination: After 60 years of age, about 30%of people will have a lack of hearing. If they find it early and treat them in time, they can be improved well. Therefore, the physical examination of the elderly must have a hearing examination.

Vaccination: Elderly people over 65 years of age need to be vaccinated with pneumonia vaccines, and tetanus vaccines will be used every ten years to enhance resistance.

Osteoporosis test: The prone to fractures of the elderly are caused by osteoporosis, so you must do osteo density tests once a year. Through this examination, the risk of fractures can be estimated and improved in time.

The items that elderly men should also check are:

Rectal examination: This is an effective method for screening rectal cancer and prostate problems. Once a year and hidden blood examination once a year, doctors can find out the lesions that they don’t notice through testing.

The items that elderly women should also check are:

Breast adventure: The greater the probability of women with breast cancer, the greater the more likely, so the physical examination of elderly women must pay attention to breast examination.

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Cervical examination: Cervical examination can screen various inflammation and cancer in the cervix. Regular examinations are the best way to prevent cervical diseases. Especially women with sexual life need to be checked once a year.

Thyroid examination: The American thyroid association believes that women’s examination of thyroid is particularly important. The thyroid gland is located on the neck and is the body’s power station, which can create hormones required for metabolism. Thyroid disease can lead to hair loss, weight change, fatigue and depression. Women must perform thyroid examination at the age of 50 and check every 5 years.

(Editor in charge: Wang Huiming Intern editor: Tan Yong)

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