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What does breast cancer look like


Breast cancer depression is mainly manifested in three forms. The coffee ligament is caused by the cooper ligament, which is called a dimple signs; the mass of the big breasts caused the nipples and signs of the nipples;Destroyer disorder, skin lymph edema, and the depression of the hair follicles are called orange peel.

Cause and treatment

What does breast cancer look like

Breast tumors are also easily involved in the milk ducts, and the nipples are in introverted. Both sides of the nipples are asymmetric.When the tumor is involved in the suspension of the breast, the changes in breast skin dimensions will occur. These are the characteristic manifestations of the breast malignant tumor. Timely find that surgical treatment should be selected.


If the patient itself is a high -coordinated constitution, coupled with the hyperactive human coagulation function caused by surgical trauma, it has been bed for a long time after surgery.Therefore, it is generally recommended to get out of bed as early as the second day of the operation without special contraindications.

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