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What does “Winter do not hide essence, spring must be sick”?After entering the winter, how should we “hide the essence”

On December 21, 2022, Zhao Yijun, an academician and laser technology expert of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, died at the age of 92.

On December 21, 2022, Zhang Guocheng, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and an expert in rare earth metallurgical, died at the age of 91.

… …

On December 25, 2022, Wu Chengkang, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and an expert of high -temperature gas dynamics, died at the age of 93.

In just 5 days, 13 academicians have left the world one after another. This winter, it seems extremely cold for the elderly.There is a saying in the folk that the elderly are sad, which means that the elderly can easily die in winter, especially the elderly, and in fact, they also study accordingly.

1. Winter is a hurdle for the elderly!

Researchers from the China Disease Prevention and Control Center, Jinan University, and the Guangdong Provincial Disease Control and Prevention Center have jointly conducted a survey. The results show that the death of about 593,900 people in my country in 2019 can be attributed to discomfort. It is 139,900 than 580,800 and high temperature death.

In discomfort -related deaths, most patients died of cardiovascular disease and chronic respiratory system diseases. Among them, stroke, chronic pulmonary block, and chronic kidney disease were more common.

1. Stroke

Stroke has become the primary disease of the death and disability of the elderly in my country. Why is it prone to strokes in winter?

Because in the cold season, when people are stimulated by cold air, they will cause abnormal excitement of the sympathetic nerve, which will then cause spastic contraction of capillaries in the whole body, and the resistance of blood circulation will increase.In the end, it is easy to cause the left ventricular chamber and brain load to increase, inducing blood pressure to rise, and platelets can easily condense thrombosis at this time.

The physiological functions of the elderly have declined, and the adaptability and resistance to the external environment have decreased. In addition, many elderly people themselves have chronic diseases. The risk of stroke after cold stimulation will increase significantly.

2. Cardioprocaulte

The weather is cold in winter, and the chance of slowing the disease will also increase significantly.The main cause is related to the cold air stimulating the respiratory tract, causing organ cramps.Some patients with slow pulmonary patients are easily damaged and ciliated motion of the respiratory tract mucosa due to airway contraction and poor phlegm discharge, and the risk of local infection will increase in this case.In addition, the climate in winter is relatively dry, which can easily cause damage to the nasal mucosa and respiratory tract mucosa, allowing bacteria and viruses to use it, and then the condition of slow pulmonary patients is worsened.

3. Chronic kidney disease

The temperature changes in winter, and the frequency of a cold will be much higher than other seasons.Colds are one of the main causes of kidney damage to patients with kidney disease. Patients with kidney disease will easily ignore when they have mild discomfort such as fear of cold, fear of wind, and itching of throat, but these symptoms are serious to kidney damage.EssenceGenerally, patients with chronic nephritis will exacerbate kidney damage on the day of colds or the next day, and acute nephritis usually experiences symptoms after 10 to 14 days, manifested as puffiness and hematuria.

Recently, people who have “surfing online” are believed to have discovered that the official numbers from all walks of life are publishing crickets. It seems that there are many elderly people who died this winter.

2. Because of the new crown virus, there are more elderly people who died this winter?

Is the number of elderly people who died really more?

Tong Zhaohui, deputy dean of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, pointed out that the death of the elderly this year is definitely more than in previous years, because patients with the infection of the new crown virus infection are mainly concentrated on elderly people with basic diseases.

Elderly people are particularly fragile groups. As of May 2022, data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that the number of people died in the United States due to the new crown virus exceeded 1 million, of which 74.4%of the deaths were older people in the age of 65Essence

Data show that about 190 million elderly people in my country have different degrees of chronic diseases, and common cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and chronic respiratory diseases are common.About 75%of the elderly over 60 years old suffer from chronic diseases, 43%at the same time suffer from ≥2 chronic diseases.

For the elderly, in winter, we need to pay attention to their own protection. In life, we can take more health measures to help protect themselves.

Third, the old words do not hide the essence in winter, the spring must be sick, and pay attention to health in winter

The old saying often says that “the winter does not hide the essence, and the spring must be sick.” The essence of the hidden is storage of yin essence. The essence of traditional Chinese medicine includes innate essence and acquired essence, which is the foundation of maintaining life activities.Simple understanding, the meaning of this sentence is actually that if you do not do well in winter, it will cause the human body to have a good yang in spring, and then the risk of the body will increase.

The question comes, how to “hide the essence” in winter?

1. Sleep

In winter, you should go to bed early and get up late. Doing this can avoid disturbing the yang in the human body. When the sun comes out, he will get up.It is recommended to go to bed to rest before 10:30 pm, and do not sleep less than 8 hours a day.

2, clothing

Pay attention to the warmth of clothes in winter, and do not “want to not be warm.”Wearing enough clothes can avoid the invasion of the cold evil and prevent energy damage.

3. Diet

Pay attention to eating less spicy stimulus, cold, hard, cold and salty food. Pay attention to the maintenance of warmth in the diet.

4. Exercise

Appropriate exercise can help speed up blood circulation in the body, and can also excrete cold in the body to help the body improve immunity.Pay attention to keeping warm when exercising, and exercise should be sweating slightly.The new crown virus infection is very “unfriendly” for the elderly. How should people who are older be used to prevent infection?

Fourth, the elderly prevent new coronal virus infection?

1. Vaccine

The elderly should be vaccinated as soon as possible. It is best to vaccinate the whole process and strengthen the needle. The vaccination can help reduce the incidence of severe illnesses.

2. Reduce out

Try to reduce going out as much as possible in daily life, especially the closure places where crowds gather.If you need to go out, pay attention to wear a mask, and disinfect it in time after returning home.

3. Washing your hands frequently

Keep your hand hygiene with flowing water, hand sanitizer, and disinfection gel. After daily contact with external items, you must also disinfect your hands in time.

4, more ventilation

It is recommended to open the window several times a day, and do not let the inside environment in a closed environment for a long time.

Winter is a period of high incidence of many diseases, especially for the elderly, we must pay attention to their own physical performance, and seek medical examination in time when abnormal abnormalities. Especially during the popularity of the new crown virus, we must protect them.Please also protect the elderly around him.

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