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What exactly is the “moisture” of humidity in summer?

I often hear the friends around you say “heavy moisture”, do you have a series of confusion in your heart: where is “moisture” from what is from and how to get rid of dampness? The author collects common problems raised by patients in clinical clinical, and unveiled the mystery of “moisture” one by one.

Q1: What is “moisture”? What are the symptoms?

“Wet” refers to a type of evil with severe turbidity, stickiness, and lowering characteristics. Wet can be suffered from the outside, and it can be born from the inside. The outer wet is caused by the wet and wet evil, which is often caused by the rain, wading, and dampness. It is caused by factors such as water (such as fisheries, living in water all year round). , “Sitting and hurting the spleen”, “thinking about hurting the spleen”, modern in modern times (people with long -lasting, over -thoughtfulness, irregular diet). Due to changes in modern living conditions and working methods, wet people are more common in clinical practice. Those with wet stasis meridians, symptoms can see poor mental state, fatigue, muscle joint soreness, and severe feeling; those with wet stagnation viscera, visible sour acid, bloating, poor appetite, mouth odor, the number of stools, thin quality and pasteness, and pastelessness. ; Wet strikes, you can see the edema of both lower limbs. Women still have a large amount of leucorrhea, white or yellow, and even odor. In terms of tongue diagnosis, tongue coating is thick, white or yellow.

夏季湿气重 “湿气”到底是什么?

Q2: Why is “moisture” common?

The overall concept is one of the important features in the theoretical system of traditional Chinese medicine, that is, people and nature are considered a unified whole. Life is in the natural environment, and the natural environment such as seasons, geographical location, and environment have an important impact on the human body. Guangdong Lingnan is located in the south. The climate is hot, the rain is abundant, the humidity is large, and it belongs to the dampness and heat. Therefore, the common humidity constitution in Guangdong can be divided into cold and damp constitution and damp heat constitution.

Q3: Can Guangdong “Herbal Tea” remove dampness?

Guangdong’s climate is hot, and Lao Guang often drinks “herbal tea” to reduce fire. The so -called “herbal tea” is a broad concept, which refers to a large category of prescriptions with heat -clearing fire and fire. The “herbal tea” that uses simple heat and reduce fire without choosing is not conducive to human health, and should be applied according to different constitutions. For those who are dampness, qi deficiency, and yang deficiency, the herbal tea that is too bitter and cold is easy to damage the spleen and stomach, but not only cannot eliminate dampness, but because of further damage to the spleen and stomach, it is more wet. The phenomenon of severe “.

Q4: What are the common ways to get rid of dampness?

Lao Guang likes soup, you can choose Chenpi, Poria, Coix Seed, Chixiaodou, Pink Ge, Tu Fuling, White Lentian, etc., and other medicines with spleen and dampness. Variety. For people with humid and humid constitutions, you can choose cotton, chicken bone grass, kapok and so on. People with yin deficiency and constitution are also easy to “get angry”. Most of these people are easily manifested as oral ulcers, gum swelling and pain, constipation, and can be used to nourish yin and damp ingredients, such as raw land and Tu Fuling, Prince Ginseng and Yunling. Wait for matching. For those who are irritable and irritable and shit, you can choose dry grass to cook water as tea or chrysanthemum baked tea. Summer summer heat and humidity are combined. You can cook some mung beanose, lemon tea, red Luobu juice, bamboo cane horseshoe water, etc. are all good products for clearing heat and removing heat and dampness. You can choose according to your hobbies.

Q5: What are the advantages of traditional therapy?

In traditional therapy, the back of the bladder can be treated by the back of the bladder. The effect is significant, and the safety is simple and no side effects. The bladder meridian can have the effect of sparse meridians and to eliminate evil. It is sore and severity caused by improving the stasis of wet stasis meridians and blocking the gas machine. The scripture, through the back of the back of the bladder meridian, can stimulate the viscera meridian qi, regulate the function of the viscera, and improve the various symptoms of wet evils stagnant in the viscera. (Author: Doctor Yang Lian Sheng, Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture, the Third Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University)

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