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What exercise is suitable for patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and can not do any exercise

Experts in this issue: The author of “Hu Dayi Talking about Health Health”, chief health education expert of the Ministry of Health, director, professor, and doctoral supervisor of Peking University People’s Hospital, academician of the Academy of Sciences of Eurasia, head of the National Key State Cardiovascular Medicine, National and Capital Highlight the experts and enjoy the government expert allowance of the State Council.

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Hu Dayi said: 3 months of aerobic exercise, and a healthy “downstream” moved to “upstream”.

In 1986, I went to Texas, USA to attend an annual meeting of international heart disease. Through a friend introduced, I lived in the Aerobic Metabolic Movement Center of Dr. Kennedy Curober. It was also attracted by his aerobic metabolism movement.

Cooper has obtained a doctorate degree in medical science for 8 years, and has since become a cardiac doctor. Basketball, middle and long -distance running and water sports are the extensive sports activities in his middle school and college era. However, in the 4 years of studying doctorates, the exercise was suspended and the diet was excessive. The weight increased from 77 kg to 92 kg, and the blood pressure rose.

After graduating, the busy work often exhausted him. Because of the bad lifestyle formed before and after work, Cooper’s obesity, weakness, and poor sleep, so that they cannot persist in nervous work. So Cooper reflected on the health of himself and the people around him, and determined to find out the relationship between lack of exercise, mental tension, bad eating habits, and obesity and health from his own case. The alma mater Harvard University studied the master’s degree in public health and moved his life positioning from a healthy “downstream” to “upstream”.

By running and a reasonable diet, Cooper’s weight dropped from 95 kg to 77 kg. After that, he developed the famous “12 -minute physical fitness test” and “aerobic metabolic movement score system”, becoming the first person to promote the aerobic metabolic movement around the world, and founded the world’s first prevention in the world in the 1960s. Institute of Science. Former US President Carter Carter, Bush, and Clinton have received guiding training of Kuper’s aerobic metabolism.

Aerobic metabolism is the best way to improve health

Human health comes from the movement of science. Not any exercise is good for health, nor the greater the amount of exercise, the more severe the exercise, the more sweating, the more fatigue after exercise, the more effective. Aerobic metabolism is the best way to improve health.

1. What is aerobic metabolism movement

Aerobic metabolic movement refers to durability exercise for the purpose of enhancing the body’s inhalation, transportation and using oxygen capacity. In the entire exercise process, the oxygen inhalation of the human body is generally equal to demand. In other words, people need to increase the supply of oxygen in exercise, while the body itself accelerates the heart rate and breathing by moderately accelerating the heart rate and breathing at the same time as the aerobic metabolism movement.

2. The characteristics of aerobic metabolism movement

The characteristics of aerobic metabolism are low to medium intensity, rhythm, non -interruption and duration. Generally speaking, its requirements for skills are not high, so it is convenient and easy to persist. Common types of aerobic metabolic movements include walking, running, cycling, swimming, jumping fitness dance, doing fitness exercises, twisting Yangge, skiing and other low -to -medium -to -medium -intensity but long -lasting time. Both age and gender, aerobic and metabolic movements have an important role in promoting physical health, enhancing physical fitness, treatment and preventing chronic diseases.

Balance is the core concept of the aerobic metabolism movement. Balance is the foundation of health. It includes the balance of body movement and static, psychological tension and relaxation, and the balance of metabolism.

Movement of the function of cardiovascular system function cannot be improved

Why is the aerobic metabolic movement so important and so irreplaceable? In addition to the aerobic metabolism movement, there are many other ways of exercise. We will analyze the other four basic ways and draw conclusions.

1. Static motion

During the exercise, it is reduced without changing the body’s posture and without moving the joint angle. If you push a wall, pull your own chair or keep the knee 90 ° squat (horse step). Practice has proved that under reasonable arrangements, static exercise can enhance the strength of the muscle, but it cannot improve the function of the cardiovascular system. Not only that, the static force of the limbs can also increase blood pressure briefly. Therefore, patients with heart disease and hypertension should not engage in static exercise, and avoid excessive objects in life.

2. Wait for sports

The most typical wait for the exercise is weightlifting exercises. Muscles change the joint angle while overcoming resistance. This exercise can effectively increase the volume and strength of muscle fibers. But like static exercise, traditional weightlifting cannot improve people’s endurance and cardiopulmonary function. The reason is that the weightlifting requires short -term and high -intensity muscle contraction, and this activity cannot affect the whole body. The only exception is “cycle exercise”, which is a reasonable arrangement of muscle exercise.

3. Wait for muscle exercise

Waiting for muscle exercise is also the practice of strength. The difference is that the practitioners need to return the standard action to the starting point, rather than put down the barbells or dumbbells such as the gravity. Through a series of cycle exercises that are compact, low, repeated times, and continuous continuous circulation, this two -way muscle contraction can produce the effect of aerobic metabolic movement. For example, you can practice the strength of the legs, arms, chest, back, waist, abdomen, and shoulders, and choose to string up to 30% ~ 40% of the weight (assuming your maximum load is 100 kg, choose 30 ~ 30 ~ 40 kilograms of weight), each group is done for 30 seconds, the rest time between the two groups in the practice does not exceed 20 seconds, so the cycle is 2 to 3 times the exercise. Although the cycle exercises can improve the cardiovascular system function, it requires more comprehensive equipment and dedicated exercises, and it is meaningless in the cycle. Another problem is that the technical content of circulating exercises is high, and it is very difficult. It is difficult for people who do not have a certain exercise foundation.

4. Aerobic metabolism campaign

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Oxyonal metabolic movement means that muscles work without continuous oxygen supply. The oxygen provided by the body during exercise cannot meet its own demand for oxygen, and is compensated after exercise. Because there is no oxygen, the use of heat is not sufficient, and the exercise time is also limited. The typical anaerobic metabolism movement is 100 meters, 200 meters racing, as well as various high -strength, short -term projects, such as high jumping, long jump, throwing, etc. These movements are constantly challenging and breakthroughs of human power and speed limit, but they are not conducive to human health. Hypertension patients engage in these activities will undoubtedly lead to a sharp increase in blood pressure and even severe consequences of cerebral hemorrhage.

For more “those things that health must know”, please see “Dr. Hu Dayi Talking about Heart Health”. This book is edited by Hu Dayi and published by China Light Industry Press.


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