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What exercise is suitable for people with diabetes?The American Diabetes Association gave 3 recommendations and record it

“Keep your mouth and open your legs.” This may be the most advice from diabetic patients, but it is specific to a certain patient, how should you eat and how to move, but it is not clear.

How should diabetic patients exercise? At the 23rd National Academic Conference of the Diabetes Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, Professor Guo Lixin, director of the Department of Endocrinology, Beijing Hospital made a special speech, and listened to what the experts said with Xiao Jiu!

Data prove! Appropriate exercise can really benefit diabetic patients!

Regarding health care, there are two very different directions. One is the turtle health method. The quiet turtle is the representative of longevity. Therefore, the method of quiet health care has been recognized by many people. The other is the rabbit health method. It is exercise. “

Turtle Health VS Rabbit Health, which is better? There are still such discussions. Professor Guo Lixin said that the benefits of appropriate exercise are very accurate. It can not only improve human bone health and cognitive functions, etc., but also reduce the risk of death, including metabolic diseases such as diabetes.

From the perspective of data around the world, the situation of insufficient sports is generally existed. The proportion of participating in sports in my country is only 33.9%, which also includes children and adolescents with a large amount of activity. The lack of sports is very severe.

The benefits of sports have been supported by related research. Professor Guo Lixin shared a set of data: By improving physical activity, the number of deaths of 5.3 million can be reduced by 0.68 years in the world. For diabetic patients, multiple benefits can be obtained through planned and regular exercise, such as enhancing insulin sensitivity and helping to control blood sugar.

How to exercise diabetic patients?

Do not question the benefits of exercise for patients with diabetes, so what kind of exercise is best? There are many forms of physical activity/exercise, and common ones include aerobic exercise, resistance (strength) training, flexibility training, and balance training. Professor Guo Lixin quoted three recommendations from the 2016 American Diabetes Association:

First, for most adult diabetes patients, at least 150 minutes of high -intensity physical activity must be performed per week, and the interval between the two activities does not exceed 2 days;

Second, encourage adult diabetes patients to perform 2-3 anti-resistance exercises for several consecutive days a week;

Third, patients with diabetic patients perform 2-3 flexibility and balance exercises 2-3 times a week, which helps the elderly to prevent falling.

Professor Guo Lixin said that for patients with obesity and diabetes, the effect of simple resistance to resistance is not obvious. Aerobic exercise alone can help improve blood sugar. At the same time limit, if aerobic and resistance exercise is combined, more exercise benefits can be obtained.

However, he also reminded that exercise was also suitable. A person who never moved to climb the mountain and might not be able to withstand. In addition, it is not recommended that the elderly do a very difficult exercise to avoid injuries.

If you ca n’t do proper exercise, you need to reduce for a long time!

The benefits of exercise are many, but some people don’t like sports. What should I do? In his speech, Professor Guo Lixin introduced that multiple research evidence showed that sedentary can endanger cardiovascular and metabolic health, increase metabolic disorders and cardiovascular disease risks. Ultra -heavy/obese people can reduce or avoid sedentary time, and they can from it. Benefit.

It is also recommended by the American Diabetes Association in 2016. For patients with type 2 diabetes, it should be carried out every 5 minutes every 30 minutes during a long time. Don’t look at the interruption for a long time. Energy consumption and improve the blood sugar and insulin levels after meals.

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Someone may ask, what should I do if my job is to sit for a long time? Don’t worry, there are research evidence to confirm that walking for 1 hour can offset the risk of death of 8 hours of long -seated 8 hours. In other words, if you have to sit for some reason for some reasons, you can choose to walk quickly after a long sedentary to reduce or eliminate the harm of sedentary.

Comment tells Xiao Jiu: How long do you exercise a week?

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