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What food is good to prevent baby diarrhea?

Every baby may have diarrhea and more than once, especially the younger babies. So, how to prevent baby diarrhea? You can try these foods!

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Prevent baby diarrhea food 1. Boil apples

The cooked apple has a convergence effect. Eating one of the baby every day can help relieve the baby’s diarrhea. When cooking apples, cook water, or add some rock sugar, so that the baby prefers to eat.

Prevent baby diarrhea food 2. Carrot soup

Carrots are alkaline foods. The pectin contained in stools can cause stool and absorb bacteria and toxins on the intestinal mucosa. It is a good diarrhea food.

Prevent baby diarrhea food 3. Egg yolk meal

Cook the eggs and go to the shell and protein, and use the egg yolk to cook the oil in the pot. The baby in 1 year is one egg butter per day for 2-3 times. The effect of nourishing the spleen and stomach stopping diarrhea.

Prevent baby diarrhea food 4. Jiao rice soup

First develop rice noodles or milk cakes, fry until the color is yellow, add an appropriate amount of water and sugar, and then burn the paste. After the rice noodles add water, it will be heated, and its carbonization structure has a better adsorption antidiarrheal effect.

Prevent baby diarrhea food 5, chestnut meal

Use 3-5 chestnuts, shatter the shell, boil it into a paste, add sugar after seasoning, 2-3 times a day. In addition, orange jujube tea and carrot soup have spleen and diarrhea.

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