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What happened to the old man’s body suddenly?These diseases should be vigilant!

Obesity is the cause of a variety of diseases, which can increase the risk of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, gout, coronary heart disease. In people’s eyes, it seems a good thing to lose weight. But this is not the case. The old man’s body suddenly thinner, perhaps heralding certain diseases in the body.

So, what diseases are “old and thin”?

What happened to the old man's body suddenly?These diseases should be vigilant!

The old man suddenly becomes careful! Be careful is the sign of these diseases!

1. Diabetes. Drinking, urine, more food, and weight loss are a typical symptom of patients with diabetes. The reason why diabetic patients are weight loss and low weight are mainly caused by relative or absolute insulted insulin secretion. When the patient’s insulin secretion is insufficient, the glucose cannot be used. At this time, the body will break down the fat tissue in the human body as the direct energy source.

2. malignant tumors. Most cancer patients will have obvious weight loss characteristics. This is mainly caused by the consumption of nutrients greater than intake, and thermal energy in the body is “incomplete”. A large amount of cancer cells require a large amount of nutrients, such as protein, and because protein can only be taken from muscle lipoprotein. Therefore, in addition to weight loss, many cancer patients also have muscle atrophy.

What happened to the old man's body suddenly?These diseases should be vigilant!

3, hyperthyroidism. Elderly hyperthyroidism is an endocrine disease that the elderly often suffer from. Hypertrophy of thyroid function is a consumed disease. The thyroid hormone can promote the oxidation of sugar and protein in the body, regulate the virgin nerves, promote intestinal peristalsis. In addition, it is not digested by eating.

4. Depression. Elderly depression is a very common depression. In recent years, aging has accelerated, and elderly depression has become more common. In addition to symptoms such as insomnia, mood, and restricted thinking, symptoms such as insomnia, emotional uneasy, and restrictions on the elderly have symptoms such as decreased appetite and reduction of eating, which will lead to decreased weight and cause weight loss.

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